Bill Nighy stars in heartwarming trailer for inspiring new film 'Living'

30 August 2022, 12:18

Watch the trailer for Living

By Tom Eames

Bill Nighy's new film looks like it could be his best yet, and is bound to make us feel moved.

Living will open at cinemas in the UK and Ireland on November 4, and is a reimagining of Akira Kurosawa’s film Ikiru.

Directed by Oliver Hermanus and written by The Remains of the Day's Kazuo Ishiguro, the film has received huge critical acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival.

The film stars Bill Nighy as Williams, an ordinary man who finds himself stuck after years of generic office routine. Set in 1953, veteran civil servant Williams is buried under paperwork at his office, with no partner, and a life that has felt empty and meaningless. After a shocking medical diagnosis, he decides to change things.

Bill Nighy stars in Living
Bill Nighy stars in Living. Picture: Lionsgate

With the help of younger colleagues and aquaitances, he finds a brilliant way of improving his short time left, as well as the lives of people around him and far away.

Watch the trailer in full above.

Living also stars the likes of Tom Burke, Aimee Lou Wood, and Alex Sharp.

The film promises to be one of Love Actually star Bill Nighy's greatest roles, and a moving period drama to warm us up this winter.