Blue Planet Live: Seagull shocks viewers by eating baby turtle on live TV

31 March 2019, 21:53

By Tom Eames

Blue Planet Live fans were not expecting such a sad ending tonight (March 31).

Shocked viewers watched in horror as a baby turtle was eaten up by a cheeky seagull live on air.

The live TV show Blue Planet Live had been celebrating marine life around the globe, and exploring the condition of our oceans.

One scene showed how newly hatched turtles on Heron Island, Australia, had been stuck in their nest and were helped to the ocean.

However, just seconds after six baby turtles were being released back into the sea, a seagull was spotted gulping one for its dinner, while host Liz Bonnin had no idea.

Viewers quickly reacted on social media, with hilarious - if a little dark - results:

Ah, nature.