Brian McFadden is a doubt for Dancing on Ice after horrific shoulder injury

13 January 2019, 16:26

Brian McFadden injured his shoulder in Dancing on Ice rehearsals
Brian McFadden injured his shoulder in Dancing on Ice rehearsals. Picture: ITV

By Tom Eames

The former Westlife singer says he is determined to appear in the ITV series.

Brian McFadden has spoken about a terrifying fall that led to his damaged shoulder, and that he plans to take part in tonight's show (January 13), despite being in quite a lot of pain. the pain he's in.

The singer and TV presenter, who is partnered with professional figure-skater Alex Murphy, hurt himself while practising his lifts. There have since been serious doubts as to whether he could continue in the competition before his first live dance.

However, a physio has now signed him off.

He said: "This is really frustrating for me because for week I’ve been nervous about getting here and nervous about just doing my first dress rehearsal in the studio.

"I do it and I love it and I was so happy, so relaxed, ready to go and this stupid shoulder has literally put me right back to the start again. But now I’m nervous and I don’t know what’s gonna happen.

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"It’s so annoying cause all the work I’ve put in to get here and I felt so good after the dress rehearsal I was like ‘yes I’m ready to go’ and then now to possibly not even being able to do the show because of an injury. So annoying. So frustrating.

"And such a stupid thing to do as well. If I’d have fallen over on my skates or something but just to have been practicing lifts and pop out a shoulder is ridiculous."

He added: "Right now it’s not my decision it’s gonna be the physio’s decision. She’s gonna look at it in the morning and if she’s happy for me to skate then I’ll do it but we’re probably gonna have to fix a few things because there a lot of things where I lift her straight above my head so we are gonna have to alter the routine going on how my shoulder is in the morning."

Brian McFadden
Brian McFadden. Picture: ITV

Brian isn't the first star to be injured on Dancing on Ice. Last year, Coronation Street star Antony Cotton was rushed to hospital after fracturing several ribs.

Back in 2012, actress Jennifer Ellison managed to smash herself in the head with her own skate blade on live TV.