David Beckham is not happy at all during James Corden's hilarious statue prank - video

12 March 2019, 10:31

By Tom Eames

David Beckham looked horrified when he was recently shown his brand new statue at LA Galaxy's stadium.

Thankfully for him, the disastrous statue was actually part of an elaborate prank by friend James Corden on The Late Late Show.

The football icon was lost for words when he first saw his unflattering statue's face, telling people around him that he looks like “Stretch Armstrong”.

“It’s slightly different than it was when I saw it in Chicago,” a sad Beckham said.

Meanwhile, Corden was laughing his face off as he watched his pal being shown the statue with a massive bottom and a stretched face.

The 'sculptor' told Beckham: “I believe, what I did here was try to capture you in motion.” Beckham replied: “Yeah but there was capturing me in motion but also making me…look at my chin!”

“I don’t want to offend you but this is such a big thing for me,” he said. “It’s taken a year to get to this point.

“There is no way that can go in front of the stadium. It’s embarrassing.”

Soon after, a forklift tore the statue down – with him joking that it did him a “favour”. Just then, Corden appeared from behind the cameras, shouting “oh my god, what’s happened?”.

Corden then hugged Beckham, who continued to swear at the prank, before saying: “thank god for that”.

The sketch was filmed just before a real statue in Beckham’s honour was revealed outside the Dignity Health Sports Park in California, the home of Beckham's former US football team.

Watch the full sketch below:

The David Beckham Statue Prank