Home Alone fan spots hidden clue that reveals why Kevin was left behind

18 November 2017, 10:00

Kevin McAllister was the kid any kid born in the 1980s wanted to be.

As his film's title suggested, he got to be home alone and have a whole huge house all to himself, without all those annoying siblings and weird uncles about.

OK, it got a bit rubbish once the Wet Bandit crime duo came along to ruin it, but still.

Well, a huge plot point for Home Alone has been thrown into question following one eagle-eye fan's spot when watching the film this week.

Basically, Kevin's dad is to blame for him being left behind.

Film fan 'bobcobble' posted a on Reddit, revealing how Kevin's dad actually throw his tickets into the bin:

Home Alone scene

The blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment occurs when dad Peter is cleaning up wet napkins to mop up milk Kevin spilled during dinner. It turns out, that Kevin's ticket was concealed in the napkins. Watch the video above for further proof.

Wait, did Peter do this on purpose? Mind blown.