Marry Me: What is the musical film starring Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson?

4 February 2022, 18:04 | Updated: 7 February 2022, 12:52

Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez star in Marry Me
Owen Wilson and Jennifer Lopez star in Marry Me. Picture: Universal

By Tom Eames

New Jennifer Lopez, Owen Wilson and Maluma movie Marry Me's release date, cast, plot and soundtrack revealed.

Jennifer Lopez is back with a new movie, and it looks like it could be the film that brings back the old-school style of romcom.

Owen Wilson, Maluma and Sarah Silverman also star in the musical comedy, but what is the film about and what songs appear?

  1. Marry Me plot: What is the film about?

    Latin pop star Kat Valdez (Jennifer Lopez) discovers that her on-stage partner (Maluma) has been having an affair behind her back with his assistant.

    In the heat of the moment, she suddenly chooses to marry a stranger, concert-goer Charlie Gilbert (Owen Wilson), who happens to be holding a 'Marry Me' sign by accident.

    The film is based on the comic series, also called Marry Me.

  2. Marry Me cast: Who will appear in the film?

    Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me
    Jennifer Lopez in Marry Me. Picture: Universal

    Alongside Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson, Columbian singer Maluma plays popstar Bastian in the film.

    There are also supporting roles for Games of Thrones star John Bradley, comedian Sarah Silverman, British actor Jameela Jamil and Jimmy Fallon as himself.

  3. Marry Me release date: When is the film available to watch and stream?

    Marry Me will be released at cinemas on February 11, 2022.

    It was previously scheduled for release on February 12, 2021, but was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    It will also be available for streaming on Peacock on the same day.

  4. Is there a Marry Me trailer?

    Yes, the full trailer is available below:

    Watch the trailer for Marry Me

  5. Marry Me soundtrack: What songs appear in the film?

    Jennifer Lopez - On My Way (Marry Me) (Official Video)

    Jennifer Lopez and Maluma have recorded several songs for the film's soundtrack.

    After receiving the script for Marry Me, Jennifer began picking places in the film where they could insert music.

    The singer said "you can't have a movie about two pop stars who are performing and not have a soundtrack".

    She listened to 100 songs submitted by various writers and producers, and narrowed it down to "seven or eight" songs to include in the film.

    After signing up for the film, Maluma also started writing songs with his long-time producer Edgar Barrera.

    The songs are:

    1. 'Here Comes the Bride'
    2. 'Marry Me'
    3. 'Pa Ti (For You)'
    4. 'Church'
    5. '1 en 1 Millon'
    6. 'Love of My Life'
    7. 'After Love (Part 1)'
    8. 'Marry Me (Ballad)'
    9. 'Segundo'
    10. 'On My Way'
    11. 'Nobody's Watching'