Matthew McConaughey reveals whether he dated Janet Jackson back in the day

25 January 2019, 10:40

By Tom Eames

Matthew McConaughey couldn't help but delivery his famous Texas laugh when he was asked the personal question.

Appearing on talk show Watch What Happens Live on Thursday (January 24) with his Serenity co-star Anne Hathaway, the 49-year-old actor played the show's regular Q&A game, with intriguing results.

Host Andy Cohen told Matthew that he had to face three questions, and could 'Plead The Fifth' and refuse to answer just one of them.

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Andy asked about a longstanding rumour that he once went out with singer Janet Jackson.

The Oscar-winner gave a slightly awkward drawn out laugh, and asked if that was enough of an answer.

Janet Jackson and Matthew McConaughey in 2006
Janet Jackson and Matthew McConaughey in 2006. Picture: Getty

"We went and had dinner. That was sort of it," he said.

Meanwhile, he also spoke about his audition for the role of Jack in Titanic, a part he eventually lost out to Leonardo DiCaprio.

"It went really well, well enough that you go outside and call your agent..." he said.

He added that the audition was "great", despite not winning the role. We would love to have seen that movie!