Normal People soundtrack: Listen to every song by episode

5 May 2020, 15:23

Normal People
Normal People. Picture: BBC/Hulu

By Giorgina Ramazzotti

Sally Rooney's novel Normal People has been turned into a hugely popular TV series - and there's a fantastic soundtrack to match.

Set in the Irish countryside and the streets of Dublin, the story follows Connell and Marianne from school to university as they fall in and out of love and come of age in the process.

Turning such a popular book into a TV series can always be problematic, especially if fans don't feel the on screen story does the novel justice, but the twelve part BBC series has been a huge success and it's wonderfully produced soundtrack is a moving collection of instrumental and atmospheric tracks.

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Spread over twelve episodes, the soundtrack is an eclectic mix of sounds from a variety of artists including Selena Gomez, Imogen Heap, Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, London Grammar and Billy Ocean.

Here's a full list of every song from the Normal People soundtrack and a link to listen to each one:

Episode 1 - Normal People Soundtrack

Connell and Marianne start a secret affair at school.

'Hate Dah' - Super Silly

'Dear SJ' - Alex Gough

'Never Ending Circles' - CHVRCHES

'Warped Window' - Anna Mieke

Super Silly - Hate Dah

Episode 2 - Normal People Soundtrack

As the pair's secret affair heats up, outside pressures start to affect their fledgling relationship.

'Did It To Myself' - Orla Gartland

'Hide and Seek' - Imogen Heap

'Men Behind The Wire' - The Barleycorn

'Crazy World' - Aslan

'Horn' - Nick Drake

'Angeles' - Elliott Smith

Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (Official Video)

Episode 3 - Normal People Soundtrack

Connell betrays himself and Marianne, causing her to retreat further from school life.

'Maybe' - Soak

'Kiss You' - GLN

'Hey Now' - London Grammar

'Gimme Life' - TNAN, Victoria Liv

'Disco Inferno' - Superfreak

'Havin' A Party' - Flipside

'Only You' - Yaz

London Grammar - Hey Now [Official Video]

Episode 4 - Normal People Soundtrack

The pair start college and find their roles reversed, Connell is lonely and Marianne blossoms at Trinity.

'Atomos XI' - A Winged Victory For The Sullen

'Dogwood Blossom' - Fionn Regan

'Talk About Nothing' - Cadre Cola

'Deep Blue' - Mango X Mathman, Lisa Hannigan

'You and I' - Caribou

'Drop' - Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions

'Tell Me So' - The Orioles

'Highs and Lows' - August Roads

'Undertow' - Lisa Hannigan

Only You

Episode 5 - Normal People Soundtrack

Connell struggles to join Marianne's social circles and she in turn start to reconsider her relationship with Gareth.

'La Lune' - Billie Marten

'Dance 4 Sorrow' - Francis Lung

'Go Wild' - Friedberg

'Nikes' - Frank Ocean

'Skate' - Tycho, Saint Sinner

'Make You Feel My Love' - Ane Brun

Fionn Regan - Dogwood Blossom

Episode 6 - Normal People Soundtrack

Connell and Marianne start to withdraw from on another when Connell loses his job.

'Too Much' - Carly Rae Jepsen

'I'm Happy Without You' - Ann Byers

'Smoke' - Gia Margaret

'It's Alright' - Deluch, Strange Boy

'I Know' - August Roads

'We Played Some Open Chords' - A Winged Victory For The Sullen

♫ We Played Some Open Chords And Rejoiced, For The Earth Had Circled The Sun Yet Another Year

Episode 7 - Normal People Soundtrack

Time has moved on and the pair realise that they broke up over a misunderstanding.

'It's Ok With Me' - Broadway Express

'Metroma' - The Sei

Episode 8 - Normal People Soundtrack

Connell and Marianne unite in Italy on holiday and her relationship with Jamie is at an all time low.

'Dandelion' - Jealous Of The Birds

'Love Will Tear Us Apart' - Nerina Pallot

Jealous of the Birds - Dandelion [Official Audio]

Episode 9 - Normal People Soundtrack

Marianne is in an unfulfilling relationship in Sweden while Connell and Helen's relationship continues to grow.

'Rare' - Selena Gomez

'Old Bear' - Cloth

'Klangfall' - Joep Beving

'99 Luftballons' - Nena

'Groovy Train' - The Farm

'Berlin' - RY X

'Scene Suspended' - Jon Hopkins

Selena Gomez - Rare (Official Music Video)

Episode 10 - Normal People Soundtrack

Connell struggles with depression in Dublin and Marianne becomes his support network from abroad.

'Love Really Hurts Without You' - Billy Ocean

'Cannibal Tree' - Yenkee

'Good Times' - Ellie Mae Rose

'Everything I am Is Yours' - Villagers

'Funeral Dark' - Stephen Rennicks

Billy Ocean - Love Really Hurts Without You (Official Audio)

Episode 11 - Normal People Soundtrack

As Connell and Marianne enjoy being friends once more, a fight with her brother gives her a shock.

'Breathe' - Camelphat, Cristophe, Jem Cooke

'Strange Weather' - Keren Ann

Episode 12 - Normal People Soundtrack

Connell and Marianne are back at Trinity and in love, but how the relationship develops remains to be seen...

'The Subterranean Heat' - Mount Alaska

'No Such Thing' - Yumi And The Weather

'Dogwood Blossom' - Fionn Regan

'Can't Move On' - Wild Youth

'Sometimes' - Goldmund

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