Ross Kemp looks unrecognisable after being stung by wasps on his lips

4 August 2020, 17:31

Ross Kemp stung by wasps on his lips leaving actor in hospital
Ross Kemp stung by wasps on his lips leaving actor in hospital. Picture: Ross Kemp • Instagram

By Rory O'Connor

Ross Kemp has revealed he was stung by wasps in a terrifying attack that resulted in a trip to hospital.

The 56-year-old former EastEnders actor gave fans a shock by posting shots of his swollen lips that looked similar to a "botched botox" procedure.

Taking to Instagram, Ross explained how he had gone up to his loft on Monday, unaware there was a wasps nest on top of the hatch.

The swarm became aggressive and stung Ross in the face several times around his nose and mouth.

Ross joked: "I look like Mick Jagger don't I? Well that's what happens when you get stung by three or four wasps in the nasal and lip area.

"Be careful of those critters, don't go upsetting them by opening up a loft space without asking their permission first."

The soap star captioned the video: "You might think I deserve this… when wasps attack."

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‪At the doctors. Love the NHS ‬

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Heading to hospital, Ross later gave another update, saying: "Now being seen by our fantastic NHS. A very cool doctor's just given me hydrocortisone, hopefully that's gonna bring it down a bit. I just can't get no satisfaction, ow, it hurts a bit."

Later in the evening, Ross gave one final update on his injuries, adding "could have been a lot worse".

The Grant Mitchell actor said: "I just want to say a huge thanks to Dr Lettuce, for sporting me out obviously I’m still a massive botox victim but that just goes to show when you mess with nature.

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‪Wasp Kemp...back home, thank you NHS‬

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"I had no idea when I was opening that hatch there was actually a wasp nest on top of it.

"I am very lucky that they only stung me around my nose and top lip, it could have been a lot worse. Thank you very much again you lovely lovely NHS."