Tom Hiddleston's bizarre new advert for Centrum Vitamins will leave you baffled

29 March 2019, 14:07

By Sofia Rizzi

We're big fans of Tom Hiddleston, but his new advert for Centrum Vitamins airing in China borders more on the creepy and less on the Hiddleston we know and love.

We thought we'd give anything to have Tom Hiddleston make us breakfast, but if this advert is anything to go by, our initial thoughts might be wrong. The advert for Centrum Vitamins will only be aired in China, so we don't have to worry about seeing this unsettling advert on our TV screens.

So, what's wrong with the advert?

Firstly, why is Tom Hiddleston dressed as a waiter? He greets us with "Morning", before explaining “I finished early so I popped back to make you breakfast.” What job does he do that finishes in the morning? Is he Batman?

And why has he made us a breakfast of raw vegetables arranged in stripes (and an egg which looks a little too perfect for our liking). Are those blueberries too? We're really not sure about a blueberry, raw carrot and egg combo.

We don't trust any of this
We don't trust any of this. Picture: Centrum

Tom then randomly switches from English to Chinese as he offers us a Centrum vitamin. He looks simultaneously sad and guilty, and we're not sure why. Is it really Centrum in that vitamin pot?

There are also lots of awkward silences. Why? And why is he nervously wringing his hands when he looks up and says "You look great". Who knows, maybe the post-Centrum glow we've acquired is making him bashful.

What's in the pot? Something tells us it isn't Centrum
What's in the pot? Something tells us it isn't Centrum. Picture: Centrum

After gifting us with the all-important vitamin, Tom decides it's time to leave. He says he'll be a "little busy for the next few weeks", but not to worry, he'll make it up to us (whatever that means).

So all in all we've learnt that Tom Hiddleston can make an egg, grind pepper, and from the looks of it, sustain a long-distance relationship. We'll be alright, the Centrum will keep us going. But really, this advert gives us too many questions and not enough answers, and it's making our heads hurt just a little bit.