Lewis Capaldi teaches young girl to play his new song on a public piano in cute video

21 November 2022, 16:01

Lulu on her love for Lewis Capaldi

By Mayer Nissim

Is there anyone more wholesome in modern pop music than Lewis Capaldi?

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There are over 650 public pianos in the UK that anyone is allowed to play, with over 30 nestled in our train stations to keep commuters and other travellers entertained.

One of the most well-known is at Kings Cross St Pancras Station in London, which welcomes visitors not just from all over the country, but all over Europe.

So it was a great spot for Lewis Capaldi to saunter on down and practice one of his new, unreleased tunes.

There he encountered a slight problem that he almost certainly doesn't have to deal with at rehearsals or in the studio.

The piano was already taken.

"Went to play my new song in a train station in London but there was already someone there way better than I am so I just asked her to play it," Lewis wrote.

He approached the girl in question, and gave her a compliment on her playing.

Lewis then borrowed the piano to teach the girl a few bars of his new song.

Lewis Capaldi teaching a girl piano at Kings Cross
Lewis Capaldi teaching a girl piano at Kings Cross. Picture: TikTok/@lewiscapaldi

She picked it up with ease and then shared a big grin and high five with Lewis.

Lewis's fans showered him with praise in the comments and the Scottish singer-songwriter responded in a typically wholesome fashion.

"Turns out I’m terrible at teaching my own tunes," he said.

Lewis added: "She was so quick at picking it up! X She was v talented! X"