When Meat Loaf helped save fan from a coma after recording sweet message

21 January 2022, 15:24 | Updated: 21 January 2022, 16:11

Meat Loaf meets fan Craig
Meat Loaf meets fan Craig. Picture: BBC

By Tom Eames

Meat Loaf was known for his monstrous stage presence and larger-than-life rock anthems.

But he also had a softer side, and was known to be particularly kind to his loyal fans over the years.

We've uncovered just one example of how Meat Loaf supported his fans in times of need, in which he appeared on a British chat show hosted by Carol Smillie.

In the segment, guest Jean Hayes tells Meat Loaf how her son Craig had been in a coma for three months after a motorbike accent, and that Meat Loaf had been kind enough to record a voicemail to send him his support.

Jean explained how they played the message over and over for Craig while he was in a coma, and the young fan had even been mouthing the words to 'Bat Out of Hell' while still asleep.

12 years on, Meat Loaf is then surprised by Craig appearing with a clean bill of health, and the pair shake hands and catch up together on the sofa.

Meat Loaf then said: "I have said if there was a reason I think I was put on this Earth to record Bat Out of Hell, those are the reasons.

"That's more of a reward than selling records."

Watch the moment below:

Meat Loaf Legacy - Boy comes out of coma thanks to Meat

Meat Loaf sadly passed away aged 74 on January 20, 2021.

Cher, Bonnie Tyler, Boy George and Slash are among the many stars who have paid tribute to the late rock legend.

Meat Loaf seen at 2010 Brit Awards in old footage