Michael Bolton mourns loss of his "mentor" as older brother Orrin dies, aged 73

6 March 2023, 12:10

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By Mayer Nissim

"We've shared songs, sports, long hair and the stage."

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Michael Bolton has announced the passing of his older brother Orrin.

The singer-songwriter – who turned 70 last week – shared the news in the early hours of this morning (March 6)

"My brother, my mentor, my introduction to my love of music," said Bolton on Twitter and Facebook, sharing a picture of the siblings smiling together.

"We've shared songs, sports, long hair and the stage.

"Forever the traveler, I know your music guides you into your next journey. RIP"

Born Orrin Bolotin on August 22, 1949, Orrin was a musician in his own right.

He released a number of recordings on his own Rock N Hood Records label as Orrin Bolton, including 2011 album Livin' Like A Man and 2013 single 'Ain't About Love'.

Orrin was an older brother to Michael and sister Sandra, who plays the clarinet.

Orrin Bolton, "Ain't About Love" Official Music Video

Quizzed on his musical relationship with Michael, Orrin said in 2011: "I've recorded on three labels with Michael.

"I managed to Michael when I returned from India and got him a deal with RCA records, which was his first record company.

"I was out with him – we opened up for Bob Seger, we did a national tour."

Orrin Bolton "Liv'n Like a Man"

He added: "We've got strong music business experience together.

"We've collaborated on writing songs and singing and harmonies, we phrase a lot alike, he's an incredibly gifted individual."

Their parents were George, who died in 1981 aged 69, and Helen Bolotin, who died in 2015 aged 95.