Debbie Harry facts: Blondie singer's age, husband, real name and songs revealed

29 December 2020, 14:39 | Updated: 8 February 2022, 17:19

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry. Picture: Getty

By Sian Moore

Debbie Harry is best known as the lead singer of Blondie, an American rock band who were seen as pioneers of the early American new wave and punk scenes.

Debbie Harry found fame as the lead singer of Blondie, a band which pioneered the American new wave and punk scene of the mid-late 70s.

Not long after forming, however, Harry decided to pursue a solo career and the band went on hiatus. In 1981, she released her debut solo album KooKoo, and appeared in multiple movies in the 80s, including Union City and Videodrome.

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But following four solo albums, and a number of appearances in movies, Harry and her fellow Blondie band members reunited in the late 1990s. In 2017, they released their eleventh studio album Pollinator, which reached No. 4 in the UK music charts.

Here's some facts about the iconic singer:

  1. How old is Debbie Harry?

    Debbie Harry was born on 1 July 1945, making her 75 years old in 2020.

    She formed Blondie in 1974 when she was 29.

  2. What are Blondie's biggest hits?

    Blondie - Heart Of Glass (Official Music Video)

    The band had in total six UK number ones, and 11 UK top tens.

    Some of their biggest hits include 'Atomic', 'Call Me' and 'One Way or Another'.

    Arguably their biggest track, however, is 'Heart of Glass'a release which caused them to receive accusations at the time that the band were selling out to mainstream music because of its disco edge.

    It still stands now as one of the greatest dance tracks of all time.

  3. Is Debbie Harry married and does she have children?

    Debbie Harry and Chris Stein
    Debbie Harry and Chris Stein. Picture: Getty

    Debbie Harry isn't currently married, and hasn't been married before. She does not have any children.

    However, she was in a relationship with Blondie guitarist Chris Stein for 16 years, before they split in 1989.

    Debbie has also been in relationships with Penn Jillette, Cal Chamberlain, Joey Ramone and Iggy Pop.

  4. Where is Debbie Harry from and what is her original name?

    Harry was born Angela Trimble in Miami, Florida.

    Aged three months, she was adopted by Richard and Catherine Harry, gift shop owners in Hawthorne, New Jersey, and was renamed Deborah Ann Harry.

    She learned of her adoption at four years old, and found her birth mother, a concert pianist, in the 1980s, but chose to not establish a relationship with her.

  5. How did she form Blondie?

    Blondie in 1976
    Blondie in 1976. Picture: Getty

    In the late 1960s, Debbie Harry began her music career as a backing singer for folk group The Wind in the Willows.

    In 1974, she joined the Stilettoes with Elda Gentile and Amanda Jones. They soon hired guitarist Chris Stein, who became her boyfriend.

    After leaving the Stilettoes, Harry and Stein formed Angel and the Snake with Tish Bellomo and Snooky Bellomo. Soon after, Harry and Stein formed Blondie, named after the catcall men shouted at Harry after she bleached her hair blonde.