Dee Dee Warwick: 6 facts about Dionne's sister and Whitney Houston's cousin

4 July 2018, 15:12

Dee Dee Warwick
Picture: Getty

By Tom Eames

Dee Dee Warwick has made headlines this year in light of allegations in a new Whitney Houston film.

Here are all the big facts about the late singer:

1. Who was Dee Dee Warwick?

Dee Dee Warwick was an American soul singer, and the sister of singer Dionne Warwick.

She had several hits in the US, including the original versions of 'You're No Good' and 'I'm Gonna Make You Love Me', and 'I Want To Be With You'.

By the mid 1970s, the hits had dried up, but she continued to record music, including a few appearances on her sister Dionne's albums.

2. Who was Dee Dee Warwick related to?

Along with sister Dionne, she was also the niece of soul singer Cissy Houston, and the first cousin of superstar Whitney Houston.

3. What are the Whitney Houston sexual abuse allegations?

A new documentary titled Whitney features various friends and relations of the late singer Whitney Houston allege that Dee Dee molested Whitney as a child.

In the movie, Whitney's longtime assistant Mary Jones told director Kevin Macdonald that the late singer told her that Dee Dee assaulted her at a young age.

Whitney's brother Gary also said he was molested as a child by a famous female family member.

At the time of the alleged abuse, Dee Dee would have been in her late 20s.

4. When did Dee Dee Warwick pass away?

Dee Dee struggled with drug addictions for many years, and was in failing health for a long period.

Her sister Dionne was with her when she died on October 18, 2008, in a nursing home in Essex County, New Jersey, aged 66.