Faith Hill's 10 greatest songs ever, ranked

26 December 2022, 20:35 | Updated: 17 January 2023, 16:10

Faith Hill's best songs
Faith Hill's best songs. Picture: YouTube/Faith Hill

By Tom Eames

Since the early 1990s, Faith Hill has been one of the best-selling country artists.

She was one of the relatively few country artists to achieve massive international mainstream success, thanks to her powerful ballads and beautiful love songs.

Here are just some of Faith Hill's very best songs:

  1. I Need You (with Tim McGraw)

    I Need You | Official Music Video | McGraw (feat. Faith Hill)

    Faith teamed up with husband Tim McGraw on this track in 2007, from Tim's album of the same name.

    The ballad only reached number 8 on the country charts, perhaps due to competition with solo singles from both Faith and Tim ('Lost' and 'If You're Reading This').

  2. Cry

    Faith Hill - "Cry" (Official Video)

    'Cry' was released as the first single from Faith's fifth studio album of the same name, in 2002.

    It was originally written and recorded by Angie Aparo in 1999. Faith won the Grammy Award for Best Female Country Vocal Performance for the track in 2003.

    The song crossed over to pop charts, reaching the top 40 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

  3. It Matters to Me

    Faith Hill - "It Matters To Me" (Official Video)

    This beautiful song was released in late 1995 as the second single and title track from Faith Hill's second album of the same name.

    It became her third number one on the Billboard country charts, as well as her first entry to the Hot 100.

  4. The Rest of Our Life (with Tim McGraw)

    Tim McGraw, Faith Hill - The Rest of Our Life

    It wasn't until 2017 that Faith and Tim decided to release a whole duet album together, which contained this stunning track.

    The song was co-written by the powerhouse team of Steve Mac, Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid, Ed Sheeran and Amy Wadge.

    According to Faith Hill, the song reminded her of the day when she and Tim McGraw decided to get married in 1996. She said that "there was a comfort and a security about that moment that resonates in this song." Tim agreed, saying: "It's got such an intimacy to the song, and I think that's what really attracted us as well."

  5. Wild One

    Faith Hill - "Wild One" (Official Video)

    This was Faith Hill's first ever single, released in 1993.

    It was first recorded in 1992 by country band Zaca Creek, before Faith covered it. Her version was also her first number one hit in the country charts.

  6. Mississippi Girl

    Faith Hill - Mississippi Girl (Video)

    This was the lead single from her 2005 album Fireflies, and it gave her yet another country number one.

    Co-written specifically for Mississippi-born singer by Big & Rich's John Rich (of Big & Rich) the pop track was seen as Faith's "country comeback".

    'Mississippi Girl' has been considered a spiritual country version of Jennifer Lopez' 2002 hit 'Jenny from the Block', with Faith insisting that she hadn't forgotten her roots.

  7. The Way You Love Me

    Faith Hill - "The Way You Love Me" (Official Video)

    Released in 2000, this was the second single from Faith's fourth studio album, Breathe.

    It spent four weeks at number one on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, and also reached number six on the main Billboard Hot 100.

  8. Breathe

    Faith Hill - "Breathe" (Official Video)

    Faith Hill scored a big hit with this country-pop crossover track in 1999, which was the lead single from her fourth album of the same name.

    It was her seventh number one on the Hot Country Songs, and reached as high as number two on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming the number-one pop single of 2000.

  9. There You'll Be

    OST. Pearl Harbor - Faith Hill - There You ll Be

    'There You'll Be' became Faith Hill's biggest-ever song upon release in 2001. It was written by Diane Warren, and produced by Trevor Horn and Byron Gallimore.

    It was recorded for the Pearl Harbor film soundtrack, and is about remembering dead people from your life and reminding yourself that they will always be with you.

    It was actually first offered to Celine Dion, but she turned it down because she did not want to record another ballad for a soundtrack album, following the success of Titanic.

  10. This Kiss

    Faith Hill - "This Kiss" (Official Video)

    Recorded for her third studio album Faith, this song was co-written by singer-songwriter Beth Nielsen Chapman, and it became a massive crossover hit.

    It was nominated for two Grammy Awards for Best Female Country Vocal Performance and Best Country Song, but lost both to 'You're Still the One' by rival Shania Twain.