Imperial Leather soap stickers actually have a very important purpose

20 December 2018, 19:29

Picture: Imperial Leather

By Tom Eames

We're always amazed to see just how long that little sticker on an Imperial Leather soap sticks around.

Despite the bar wearing away after several uses, that little metallic gold label with the brand's famous logo stays put.

However, it has been revealed that the strong sticker has an important design function for the soap, and also helps it last longer.

Writing on Reddit, one user asked: "You have no ideas how many times I've sat in the bath and stared at this sticker in amazement that it sticks to the soap 'till the very end."

In reply, one user said "the sticker is meant to substitute for a soap stand and should always be placed downwards."

Another said: "The sticker forms something of a watertight seal against the soap, meaning the soap doesn't become slippery underneath."

A third added: "Older bathrooms used to sometimes have a chrome thing mysteriously fixed to the wall over the bath. It was magnetic and I think the metal label on the soap stuck to it, thus removing the need for a gooey soap dish... seemed like a good idea at the time."

So basically, the gold sticker prevents the soap from becoming mushy.


A spokesperson for Imperial Leather later told the Mail Online: "Besides the brand identity, the sticker on the top is for a long lasting bar and preventing mushiness.

"When the soap is used, the sticker will make and keep the top surface, where the sticker is on, concave.

"After use, the soap is supposed to be upside down. The concave surface will help water run out from the bar and minimise the touching surface on a soap tray."