When is Blue Monday 2019? How to beat the January blues

17 January 2019, 15:18

Sad dog

January can be a tough time. Sure, it's a great excuse for a new start and to embark on new adventures.

But for others, it can be rather miserable. It's even colder outside than usual, our bank accounts are at their lowest and we still feel rather unhealthily stuffed after Christmas.

Hence 'Blue Monday' - aka the most depressing the day of the year. Apparently.

When is Blue Monday?

This year it is Monday, January 21.

It is usually the third month in January, but it has fallen on the second or fourth, or even the last week in the past. The first was January 24, 2005.

Is it too late to book a day off work?

What exactly is Blue Monday?

There's no official science behind the discovery of Blue Monday, but it is 'held' every year.

It was originally an invention by PRs, but it has since spawned a life of its own.

Life coach Cliff Arnall has published a formula explaining how factors such as the weather, debt, the amount of time since Christmas and since we inevitably failed at our New Year's Resolutions, as well a feelings of low motivation, are all factors that contribute to feelings of sadness at this time of year.

Is Blue Monday a bad thing?

Some charities have criticised the invention of Blue Monday, with mental health charity Mind stating that it has no basis in scientific research.

"Here at Mind, we think it’s dangerously misleading," it says on its website. "Those of us who live with depression know that those feelings aren’t dictated by the date.

"Implying that they are perpetuates the myth that depression is just 'feeling a bit down', something that doesn’t need to be taken seriously."

The Samaritans also want to rename it as Brew Monday, by offering a tea and a chat at events across the UK.

How can I avoid feeling blue on Monday?

To get rid of any feeling of misery in January, there are a number of things you can do to turn it around.

Exercise may seem like the last thing you want to do right now, but doing so releases good endorphins, which automatically make you feel happier.

If you focus on a hobby of yours, even if it's just going to see a film or planning a trip for later in the year, it can give you something to distract you or look forward to in the year ahead.

Or just grab a big vat of ice cream, jump into a soothing bath and crank up Smooth Radio. It always does the trick for us.