Jamie Oliver facts: Chef's age, wife, children and career explained

16 February 2024, 12:14

Jamie Oliver
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By Tom Owen

He's one of the biggest TV chefs on the planet, and he's got a big family to boot.

Jamie Oliver is one of the most famous and influential chefs in the world. He has been cooking since he was a child, and has turned his passion for food into a successful career as a TV personality, cookbook author, restaurateur, and campaigner for healthier eating.

From his humble beginnings in his parents’ pub in Essex, England, to his global fame as the Naked Chef, Oliver has inspired millions of people with his simple, delicious, and accessible recipes.

His TV work also includes the documentary Jamie's Kitchen, which saw him invited by Prime Minister Tony Blair to visit 10 Downing Street to help fix school dinners.

He has also used his platform to advocate for social causes, such as improving school meals, fighting food waste, and supporting local farmers.

  1. How old is Jamie Oliver?

    Jamie Oliver is 48 years old as of 2024. He was born on May 27, 1975 in Clavering, Essex.

    Jamie Oliver’s parents are Trevor and Sally Oliver, who ran a pub/restaurant in Essex, where Jamie learned to cook as a child.

    He has one sibling, a younger sister named Anne-Marie Oliver, who is married to Paul Hunt, the CEO of Jamie’s business.

  2. Who is Jamie Oliver's wife and how many children do they have?

    Jamie Oliver, Jools Oliver and family
    Jamie Oliver, Jools Oliver and family. Picture: Getty

    Jamie Oliver’s wife is Jools Oliver, whom he married in 2000.

    They have five children together: Poppy, Daisy, Petal, Buddy, and River.

    Their children range in age from 5 to 19 as of 2024.

  3. What is Jamie Oliver's net worth?

    Jamie Oliver is a very successful and wealthy chef, restaurateur, and media personality. His net worth is estimated to be around $400 million as of 2024.

    He has earned his fortune from his numerous TV shows, cookbooks, restaurants, and campaigns for healthier eating. He is one of the richest celebrity chefs in the world.