Neighbours finale: Alan Fletcher teases emotional final episode and surprise cameos

26 July 2022, 16:41

Neighbours' Alan Fletcher talks emotional finale and new album plans!

By Tom Eames

Alan Fletcher is one of the most legendary stars in Neighbours history, thanks to his long-running role as Karl Kennedy.

Sadly, Alan will finally be saying goodbye to the famous Dr Karl, as Neighbours comes to an end later this week.

But what can fans expect from the emotional finale - which airs in the UK this Friday (July 29) at 9pm on Channel 5?

Alan caught up with Smooth Radio and Smooth Country presenter Eamonn Kelly for the lowdown on the special episode, plus news on his new country-inspired album Dispatches.

Watch the full interview above.

Alan told Eamonn: "Almost everyone who was asked to contribute in some way, agreed to do it if they were available.

"Famously, for me, Guy Pearce came back, and did a lovely, little cameo at the end of the show. It was wonderful to see him. He’s a very, very big film star now. And yet he has the humility to say, 'Neighbours gave me so much. I’d like to give a little bit back.'

Neighbours stars from across the ages reunite for final episode of soap

"Peter O’Brien did the same thing. Kylie and Jason went to the effort of putting in some cameos. We’ve got many more. Mark Little has done a little cameo as well. But there’s many, many more surprises to come.

"Natalie Bassingthwaighte, who played Izzy, is back, with my son, Mal. Incredibly, they’re in a relationship. So my ex-girlfriend is having a relationship with my son. So that’ll give you a taste of where they’re heading. Your head’s going to explode, I can see."

Speaking about his time on the show, he said: "I joined in ’94, in August. So we almost made it to 28 years. It’s been an incredible time of my life.

"Obviously I’m blessed to have done it. I often say to people when they say, 'How does it feel?' – well, obviously it’s sad. And it’s important to let yourself be sad about something so iconic ending.

"But also, you’ve got to be very, very glad that I got to go on this journey, this amazing journey, that opened up so much for me, particularly here in the UK.

Spend A Little Time With Me

"Hopefully everyone’s watching on that last day. And if you haven’t watched Neighbours for a while, I’d like to encourage people to come back and watch the last episodes because I know they’re going to get a good kick out of them."

On what he might do next after wrapping filming, he said: "I’m very much looking forward to travelling again. I’m also a very keen travel photographer. I had a travel show, in fact, about photography, and cannot wait to get back on the road with the camera, and start taking some shots – I travel with my wife. So that’s an exciting event to look forward to.

|The music – I’m loving recording, writing music, and playing. And there’s still plenty of acting jobs out there for me somewhere along the way. I don’t know, maybe I’ll turn up in Corrie."

Alan Fletcher's new Americana EP Dispatches is out now.