Paul Whitehouse reveals all about Only Fools and Horses musical: "It's not just a nostalgia trip"

11 October 2018, 14:36

By Tom Eames

"Who would have thought Peckham would become one of the trendiest places in London?".

We were very excited earlier this week, when Paul Whitehouse announced plans to launch a musical based on Only Fools and Horses at the West End.

The new stage play will bring back the sitcom's classic characters with a new cast, including Paul himself as Grandad.

Paul dropped by the Smooth studio to chat about the project, and told us exactly how he got involved.

"It came about because it was John Sullivan’s last project, at the time of his tragic and untimely death," he told us. "Jim, his son, wanted to keep the project alive. I was approached and asked would I collaborate and help write it, so no pressure!"

Explaining the show's premise, he said: "We’re adapting certain elements of the scripts but weaving our own story within it, but so much of the characterisation is so strong that it’s more about how we can place it and weave the stories.

"We’ve written new scenes and songs to establish the characters in the plot. We don't need to establish the characters as we know them and love them."

He also gave us a sneak peak of the songs, saying: "Rodney and Cassandra sing a song about getting married, and it’s slightly daunting from Rodney’s perspective! Cassandra is a little bit more positive but even she has her doubts!

"We’ve got Trigger looking at the future of London at 1990, and the fact that ‘this time next year we’ll be millionaires’.

"Of course, people who bought a house in Peckham in 1990, are probably now worth well over a million! Who would have thought Peckham would become one of the trendiest places in London, certainly not John Sullivan!"

"We’ve tried to make London a big theme of the musical so it’s not just an exercise in Only Fools nostalgia, there is a reason and a grounding for it."

Paul also dismissed any chances of him following the likes of fellow TV stars Bradley Walsh and Alexander Armstrong by releasing his own album, despite thinking he's "a good singer":

Only Fools and Horses The Musical opens in London in February. Get full ticket details right here.