Road House: 1989 movie remake's cast, trailer, plot and release date revealed

26 January 2024, 10:59

Patrick Swayze and Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House
Patrick Swayze and Jake Gyllenhaal in Road House. Picture: Alamy/Amazon

By Tom Eames

Road House!

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Road House is a remake of Patrick Swayze's 1989 action film of the same name, starring Jake Gyllenhaal as Dalton, a professional “cooler” who is hired to clean up a rowdy bar in a small town.

The film is directed by Doug Liman, who previously worked with Gyllenhaal on Source Code. The film also features Conor McGregor, making his acting debut as the villainous Brad Wesley, a local businessman who tries to stop Dalton from restoring order to the town.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming movie.

How to watch Road House

Road House will be available exclusively on Prime Video, Amazon’s streaming service, starting from March 21, 2024.

Road House
Road House. Picture: Amazon

Director Doug Liman expressed his dissatisfaction with Amazon’s decision to stream the movie exclusively on Prime Video instead of releasing it at cinemas. He wrote a guest column for Deadline, where he said he was “silently protesting” his own movie and that he "signed up to make a theatrical motion picture for MGM". He also said he would boycott the film’s premiere. He accused Amazon of hurting the film industry and breaking their promise to support cinemas.

Who is in the cast?

Jake Gyllenhaal leads the cast as Elwood Dalton, a former UFC middleweight fighter who ends up working at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys where "things are not as they seem".

Also in the cast are UFC fighter Conor McGregor, as well as Daniela Melchior, Billy Magnussen, Jessica Williams and Darren Barnet among others.

Is there a trailer?

Yes, the first full explosive trailer was unveiled on January 25:

Road House - Official Trailer | Prime Video

What happened in the original movie (and what is a Road House anyway?)

The original Road House movie, released in 1989, was an action film starring Patrick Swayze as a professional bouncer who is hired to clean up a rowdy bar in a small town in Missouri.

He faces resistance from a local crime boss, played by Ben Gazzara, who tries to sabotage his efforts and his romance with a doctor, played by Kelly Lynch.

Road House (1989) | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

The movie features several fight scenes, car chases, and explosions, as well as a cameo by singer Jeff Healey as the blind guitarist of the bar’s house band. The movie is considered a cult classic by some fans, and has been parodied and referenced in many other media.

A roadhouse is a type of establishment that provides food, drinks, accommodation, and sometimes entertainment to travellers on a highway, usually outside the city limits.

Roadhouses are often associated with the American West, where they served as rest stops for pioneers, cowboys, and truckers. Some roadhouses are also known for their rowdy atmosphere, featuring live music, dancing, and brawling.