Sir Billy Connolly says he’s never had ‘I’ve made it’ moment in heartbreaking new interview

10 December 2021, 09:23 | Updated: 10 December 2021, 09:29

Billy Connolly has opened up about his career
Billy Connolly has opened up about his career. Picture: Getty Images

By Naomi Bartram

Billy Connolly has opened up about his 60-year career, saying he's never felt like he's 'made it' in the business.

Sir Billy Connolly has said he has never had an 'I've made it' moment, despite making his name as a showbiz legend.

The stand-up comedian, 79, admitted he has doubted himself during his 60 year career because of his childhood.

Speaking to The Mirror, Billy said: “I’ve never really had an ‘I’ve made it’ moment.

“I’ve had lots of moments, like walking on stage at the Albert Hall. Because it’s got a sound all of its own. It’s like being in a train tunnel with a huge train coming towards you. It’s extraordinary.

Billy Connolly's career spans 60 years
Billy Connolly's career spans 60 years. Picture: Alamy

“I've never considered myself having made it. You're never quite there. It's like [being] rich. I grew up in such doubt of myself with my family situation. It never really goes away.”

He added: “Making it is a myth. Fame is a kind of myth, too. When you speak to people who have fame it never struck them as what they imagined it to be.”

The star has previously opened up about his childhood, having suffered sexual abuse by his late father William.

He has since had therapy and is still working on coming to terms with his early years in Glasgow.

Billy Connolly spoke out about his Parkinson's disease
Billy Connolly spoke out about his Parkinson's disease. Picture: Alamy

This comes Sir Billy recently opened up about being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, revealing he has learnt to ‘hypnotise’ his hand into becoming still when it shakes.

In an interview with Radio Times, the comedian said: "I've learnt to hypnotise my hand. I glare at it and it kinda quivers.

"I just stare at it, and eventually it stops. It's quite a good trick. We love it."

He went on to admit he sometimes gets frustrated by his illness, but tries to stay positive.

"I've never tried to cover up the illness," he said. "I'm p***** off with it. It won't go away. People are kinda chained to it. But I try to be cheery."