When Jack Black perfectly sang 'Kiss from a Rose' on American Idol with Seal watching on

1 March 2021, 17:04

Jack Black sings 'Kiss from a Rose' in front of Seal
Jack Black sings 'Kiss from a Rose' in front of Seal. Picture: Fox/American Idol

By Tom Eames

Jack Black has often showcased how good he is at singing, but our favourite has to be when he took on 'Kiss from a Rose'.

Flashback to 2007 - back when American Idol was the biggest show on US TV - School of Rock star Jack Black appeared on a special 'Gives Back' charity telethon to try out in front of the judges including Simon Cowell.

Jack proceeded to give a short burst of Seal's 1990s power ballad 'Kiss from a Rose', to the amazement of the judges and crowd watching on.

The only bad thing about it was that it wasn't the full song! Watch the moment below:

Jack Black Kiss From A Rose

To make the moment even greater, the camera then panned to reveal that Seal himself was watching on.

Seal then let Jack know it was the "greatest" rendition of the song he'd ever heard, much to Jack's enjoyment.

Though, we'll let Jack Black off for the fact that he named the wrong Batman movie that the song was from. It was actually from the 1995 Val Kilmer sequel, Batman Forever, rather than Batman Returns as stated by the comic actor.

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Jack Black is no stranger to music. He has fronted the comedy group Tenacious D for over 20 years (you can spot his bandmate Kyle Gass watching on holding a rose in the clip), and he often sings in his various movie roles, including School of Rock, High Fidelity and The Holiday.

'Kisss From a Rose' was originally released in 1994 by Seal, who amazingly wasn't a fan of the ballad. However, it became one of his biggest hits after its use in Batman Forever a year later.