Bros star Matt Goss has been in lockdown with his dog Reggie, but he has big plans - watch interview

3 June 2020, 08:00 | Updated: 3 June 2020, 08:01

Smooth's Virtual Coffee Break with Matt Goss

By Tom Eames

Bros star Matt Goss joins Smooth's Jenni Falconer for our latest Virtual Coffee Break interview, where he chatted about all things lockdown, his beloved dog, new music, the future of Bros and much more.

Matt Goss and his twin brother Luke has returned to the UK limelight to great fanfare in recent years thanks to their hit documentary After the Screaming Stops and their successful run of reunion shows.

Although Bros were forced to postpone their 2020 tour, Matt Goss still has big plans for the future, including new music and a potential musical show.

Matt - who lives in the US where he stages a popular residency in Las Vegas - caught up with Smooth's Jenni Falconer for the latest Virtual Coffee break. Watch the full interview above.

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Despite spending lockdown on his own (apart from cute dog Reggie), Matt has recorded brand new music, including a cover of Alicia Keys' 'If I Ain't Got You', to raise money for the NHS.

"I recorded it with Babyface in LA, maybe a month before we went on lockdown. It was going to be the first single of the new album – you know, with all the bells and whistles, and a beautiful video, and all that stuff," he said.

Matt Goss - If I Ain't Got You (2020)

"And I’m like, 'Why are we waiting? Why are we waiting like this? Let’s get it out, and try to raise some money.' We’ve given money for 15,000 meals. It’s only been just over a weekend. We’re just continuing to create awareness.

I really do miss my country. And when I see the images, it breaks my heart, and it also makes me so proud. I just want to come home. But I can’t. So I said, 'Let’s do this. Let’s try to raise awareness. Let’s raise some money.'"

Talking about how Reggie has helped him during lockdown, Matt said: "For me, honestly, it’s been quite lonely. I’m not going to lie, it’s been quite lonely.

"To have him, it’s been invaluable. The other day, I literally put my head on his chest just to have that— you know, he’s my buddy."

Matt Goss shows off his beloved dog Reggie

Matt also teased his upcoming solo album, saying: "I’ve written all the music on my album, yeah. I’ve written all of it. I can’t wait, to be honest with you, to get out there and cowrite with people.

"Because co-writing is really exciting as well. I love writing with people where you feel like you get influenced— you feel their influence, and they can feel yours. But really, it’s all I can do right now – it’s upstairs in my studio or at the piano. It’s all I’ve been doing, writing my own music."

Looking ahead to the future of Bros and seeing his brother Luke, he added: "We would normally see each other probably every couple of months, because he’s doing his thing, and I’m doing my thing.

"But we were meant to be touring right now. We were meant to be touring together. So we have been talking lately about how that would look, and how that would work. But it’s not until 2021 for most musicians."

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