Richard Marx facts: Singer's age, career, wife, children and family explained

28 April 2024, 19:38 | Updated: 28 April 2024, 20:24

Richard Marx
Richard Marx. Picture: Getty

By Tom Owen

Richard Marx's journey through the realms of music is a testament to the power of talent, perseverance, and an unyielding passion for crafting timeless melodies.

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He has achieved global album sales exceeding 30 million.

In 1984, Richard Marx scored his inaugural number one as a songwriter with 'What About Me?', performed by Kenny Rogers, Kim Carnes, and James Ingram, dominating both the US and Canadian Adult Contemporary charts.

Following this triumph, Marx co-wrote 'Crazy' with Rogers, which topped the Hot Country Songs chart in 1985. Marx's eponymous debut album attained triple-platinum status in 1987, propelled by the success of his first single, 'Don't Mean Nothing', which secured the third spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

From 1987 to 1994, he amassed 14 top 20 hits, including three number one singles.

Marx holds a unique distinction in music history as the sole male artist to have his initial seven singles ascend to the top 5 of the Billboard charts. With a grand tally of 14 number one singles to his credit, encompassing both performer and songwriter/producer roles, Marx's chart-toppers include 'Hazard', 'Right Here Waiting', 'Hold On to the Nights', 'Endless Summer Nights', and 'Satisfied'.

Billboard acknowledges Marx's unparalleled achievement, noting that he has penned songs that have clinched the top spot on various Billboard charts in each of the last four decades.

Additionally, Marx has collaborated on notable tracks including Luther Vandross's 'Dance with My Father'. His contributions have earned him five Grammy Award nominations, clinching the Song of the Year Grammy in 2003 for 'Dance with My Father'.

  1. How old is Richard Marx and where was he born?

    Richard Marx was "madly in love" with Olivia Newton-John before they worked together

    Richard Marx was born on September 16, 1963, making him 60 years old in 2024.

    He was born in Chicago, Illinois, USA.

    His parents are Ruth Marx and Dick Marx, both of whom were involved in the music industry. His father, Dick Marx, was a jazz musician and composer. Richard Marx's siblings include his two sisters, Linda and Judy Marx. Linda Marx is a singer and songwriter, while Judy Marx is a writer and editor.

  2. How did he get his start in music?

    Richard Marx interview: Singer recalls writing 'Dance with My Father' with friend Luther Vandross

    Richard Marx's journey into the music industry began at a young age, heavily influenced by his father, Dick Marx, who was a jazz musician and composer.

    Richard grew up in a household surrounded by music, which sparked his interest and passion for the craft.

    In his teenage years, Marx began honing his skills as a musician and songwriter, eventually landing a job as a backup singer for various artists. His talent and dedication caught the attention of industry insiders, leading to opportunities to collaborate with established musicians and songwriters.

    Marx's big break came when he was discovered by Lionel Richie, who helped him secure a recording contract with EMI Records. This marked the beginning of his solo career, launching him into the spotlight as a singer-songwriter with a knack for crafting memorable melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

    From there, Marx continued to climb the ranks of the music industry, carving out a successful career as both a performer and a sought-after songwriter for other artists.

  3. What are his most famous songs?

    Richard Marx - Right Here Waiting (Official Music Video)

    Some of his most famous songs include:

    1. "Right Here Waiting" - A timeless ballad that became one of Marx's signature songs, known for its emotional lyrics and beautiful melody.
    2. "Hazard" - A haunting and atmospheric track that showcases Marx's storytelling prowess, exploring themes of small-town mystery and intrigue.
    3. "Hold On to the Nights" - A heartfelt ballad about love and longing, characterized by its powerful vocals and heartfelt lyrics.
    4. "Endless Summer Nights" - A nostalgic anthem that captures the essence of summer romance, featuring a memorable melody and evocative lyrics.
    5. "Don't Mean Nothing" - Marx's debut single, which became a hit on the charts with its catchy hooks and rock-infused sound.
    6. "Now and Forever" - Another popular ballad that showcases Marx's ability to craft heartfelt and emotional love songs.
    7. "Should've Known Better" - A catchy pop-rock track with an infectious chorus and relatable lyrics about love and heartbreak.
    8. "Angelia" - A soaring power ballad with an anthemic chorus and emotional lyrics that resonate with listeners.
    9. "Satisfied" - An upbeat and energetic track with a catchy melody and infectious rhythm, showcasing Marx's versatility as a songwriter.
    10. "Children of the Night" - A powerful and socially conscious song that addresses the issue of homelessness, featuring poignant lyrics and a memorable melody.
  4. Is he married and does he have kids?

    Actress Cynthia Rhodes and musician Richard Marx in 1987
    Actress Cynthia Rhodes and musician Richard Marx in 1987. Picture: Getty

    Richard Marx was married to actress and singer Cynthia Rhodes in 1989.

    They have three sons together: Brandon, Lucas, and Jesse. Brandon is a musician, while Lucas and Jesse are both involved in various creative pursuits.

    Rhodes appeared as the female lead in Marx's first video, "Don't Mean Nothing".

    In April 2014, the couple announced they were divorcing.

    In late, 2015, Marx married Daisy Fuentes in Aspen, Colorado.

    Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes in 2022
    Richard Marx and Daisy Fuentes in 2022. Picture: Getty