Exclusive: The Jacksons say Michael Jackson hologram plans 'aren't true'

29 May 2018, 14:41 | Updated: 29 May 2018, 16:47

The Jacksons are back in the UK!

Ahead of their UK tour and headlining appearance at this year's Rewind Festival North, Marlon, Tito, Jackie and Jermaine dropped by the Smooth Radio studios for a chat with our very own Paul Phear.

The legendary group spoke of plans to celebrate 50 years since 'I Want You Back's release next year, as well as 10 years since their brother Michael Jackson passed away.

Marlon said: "We've got to get on our thinking caps."

Jermaine added: "We have plans, there will be shows and things like that, but we gotta keep the music going, and the legacy."

The Jacksons and Smooth

However, when asked if recent stories about a potential Michael Jackson hologram joining them on tour next year, they denied any plans.

"I don't know who started that story, but it's not true," Marlon said.

Meanwhile, Paul asked the boys for any tips on how to stay looking so young and healthy.

"With all the brothers, we were kids performing, we had a curfew, we had to go to bed at a certain time because we had to get up and have three hours of school everyday," said Marlon.

"That stuck with us when we got older. we never went to clubs after the concert or drink heavy alcohol after, we still go to bed, I remember we were doing something in Japan, and after the show Macy Gray came to me and said 'what are you guys doing?', and i said 'i'm going to bed!'.

"I gotta get my rest. I like being in a room by myself and chilling out."

Jermaine said: "It comes from eating right and exercising. We love sports, and eating a lot of good food that's healthy."

The Jacksons also revealed their love for Ed Sheeran, with Jackie saying: "He's one of our favourites.

"He's got some nice soulful stuff, they've got great depth. i think that's why he's so successful," Marlon added.

The Jacksons will perform at this year's Rewind Festival North alongside many iconic 1980s acts including OMD, Kool and the Gang, Bonnie Tyler and more.