Heart brilliantly cover Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' with Jimmy Fallon for the 2024 Eclipse

9 April 2024, 14:09

Heart and Jimmy Fallon perform the Bonnie Tyler classic
Heart and Jimmy Fallon perform the Bonnie Tyler classic. Picture: Bonnie Tyler/Getty

By Tom Eames

As the moon cloaked the sun in a breathtaking celestial dance, Jimmy Fallon marked the 2024 total solar eclipse with an excellent performance.

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Jimmy Fallon sure knows how to seize the moment. And seize it he did, with a rooftop rendition of Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 anthem 'Total Eclipse of the Heart', joined by none other than the band Heart.

The combination of the song, the band, and the astronomical event created a moment of epic proportions.

As the darkness descended upon the mainland US for the first time since 2017, and not to return for another two decades, Fallon gave his audience a spectacle synonymous with the rarity of the eclipse itself.

The star-studded event, which also featured appearances by Big Bang Theory actor Jim Parsons and model Kaia Gerber, drew hundreds of eyes skyward, not just in North America and Mexico, but around the world. The rare cosmic event became a backdrop for an unforgettable musical experience.

Watch the moment below:

Jimmy and Heart Perform "Total Eclipse of the Heart" (Cold Open) | The Tonight Show

And what of Bonnie Tyler, the voice behind the iconic song? At 72, she watched a new generation embrace her hit with the same enthusiasm as those who first heard it over four decades ago.

Speaking to Good Morning America, Tyler expressed her enduring excitement for the song that becomes a global sensation with every eclipse.

"Every time the eclipse comes, everyone all over the world, they play 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' and I never get tired of singing it,” she said.