Ed Sheeran's music most likely to make kids happy, says new study

31 January 2019, 15:22

Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran. Picture: Getty

By Tom Eames

Ed Sheeran, Little Mix and Stormzy have been named as young people’s preferred artists in a new report which says that music helps wellbeing.

The three acts came top in a survey of 1,001 children and young people in England, aged from seven to 17.

The Sound Of The Next Generation was published by Youth Music, a national charity looking into in music-making projects that help children and young people develop socially and musically.

85% said music made them feel happy, while 41% said it make them feel 'cool', and 39% said it made them excited.

64% of the kids said they think they are musical, rising from 48% in 2006.

The research showed that music is young people’s favourite pastime, alongside gaming. It also suggested that the creative process of making music has a bigger impact than actually listening to it.

Those who liked to make music in the last week were less likely to say that they “often feel lonely”.

Youth Music CEO Matt Griffiths said: “Young people are using music as a resource to draw on, a coping mechanism to support their personal wellbeing. They’re doing this creatively, strategically and – often – independently.

“There’s an opportunity therefore for schools, charities and the music industry to support young people to use music in this way.“To re-imagine the purpose of music and music education for social and wellbeing outcomes. And in doing so, make it more inclusive and impactful.”

Ed Sheeran recently unveiled brand new songs he wrote for Westlife and Bryan Adams.