Ed Sheeran performs a surprise set for children at school in Brighton

15 May 2024, 13:54

Ed Sheeran dropped into the Fairlight Primary and Nursery School to help inspire the children who attend there.
Ed Sheeran dropped into the Fairlight Primary and Nursery School to help inspire the children who attend there. Picture: Create Music Instagram

By Thomas Edward

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Ed Sheeran has a habit of surprising his fans.

That's precisely what Ed Sheeran did when he paid a visit to a primary school in Brighton, and performed for young fans who couldn't believe their eyes.

The singer-songwriter and global superstar not only met young students, but also played a special three-song acoustic set during their assembly too.

His trip to the Fairlight Primary and Nursery School was organised by Create Music, the Music Hub for Brighton & Hove and East Sussex, which aims to "centre the voices of children, young people and adults" local to the area.

Not only did Ed take the time out to talk to students individually and share stories about his career, but he donated five of his guitars to the school too.

Who knows, he might very well inspire the next generation's pop phenomenon.

Sheeran's visit was a genuine shock to everyone associated with the school, with nobody knowing who would arrive on the day.

Headteacher Damien Jordan admitted to BBC Radio Sussex that the children were dumbfounded by Ed's appearance, and the staff only found out the day before that he'd be visiting.

Create Music shared pictures and videos of Sheeran's drop-in, who highlighted the importance of music education and the part it played in his own story during his assembly talk.

Peter Chivers, director of Create Music, explained: "Ed shares our belief that lives can be transformed by the power of music."

"We are so grateful for his support and for the generous donation of instruments to help other budding musicians on their way."

Photographer Sadie Avard captured the event unfolding, and detailed the experience on her Instagram page.

In the accompanying caption, she explains how the students "were very excited about [Sheeran] climbing through the crowd", and said the artist gave an "inspirational speech" that “resonated so much with my own experience at school".

"His main message was not to be disillusioned by school if you don't [quite] fit the expectations of academic life," Avard wrote.

"Don't let it stop you from pursuing the things you love and turning them into your career. To find inspiration from others in the industry and work even harder than they do to become the best."

Ed has been on a mission to inspire youths around the country through his work with the Ed Sheeran Suffolk Music Foundation.

In 2020, the 'Perfect' singer surprised primary school students in South London with a lockdown music lesson via video call, with it later being revealed he'd donated a whopping £170,000 to provide the school with crucial equipment for its pupils.