Ed Sheeran: 'I speak to Elton John on the phone every single day'

11 November 2021, 12:43

Famous Firsts: Ed Sheeran on his love for Elton John

By Tom Eames

Ed Sheeran has revealed just how much Sir Elton John is one of his best buds, revealing that they speak on the phone every day.

Speaking exclusively on Smooth's Famous Firsts podcast, Ed Sheeran spoke of his love for Sir Elton John, who helped him get a step up in the early stages of his career.

Without naming names, Ed explained that only one hero of his had disappointed him during his career, but that they had eventually become friends.

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However, he said that Sir Elton had only ever been incredibly supportive of him, and that he loves getting advice and catching up with the pop legend on a regular basis.

"I’ve been disappointed with one hero but only because he never ever got in touch and I heard from people through the grapevine that he didn’t like me, and I was like 'I’ve never met this guy'," Ed said. "But then I got to meet him, I won’t put him on blast like that but, I got to meet him and we spent a wonderful day together and now we email all the time and it’s great."

On Elton, he said: "From the beginning, he’s been a mentor, from the beginning he’s been like 'anytime you want to call me, anytime you need advice'. American radio wouldn’t play me, so he flew over there to play a private gig for them, to make sure that they play me.

"And the Grammys wouldn’t put me on, so he made sure he played the Grammys with me to have me on. Throughout my career, he’s been the guy that has nudged it an extra inch.

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"And now I’m at a point in my career where I feel like, not equals, cause he’s had such a long career, but I ring literally on a daily basis, like literally every single day, even if it’s for two minutes.

"He’s my favourite human, and it’s so rare to find people in the music industry that are just clean hearted, there’s like no bad energy around him, he doesn’t wish bad for me, he doesn’t go 'oh Ed’s doing too well he needs to calm down', he’s the best."

Ed Sheeran is close friends with Sir Elton John
Ed Sheeran is close friends with Sir Elton John. Picture: Smooth/Global/Getty

In the coming weeks, Ed Sheeran and Elton John will release a Christmas duet single together, which Ed described as "very fun".

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