Calum Scott releases excellent cover of "special" George Michael's 'One More Try'

2 December 2022, 13:10

Calum Scott covers George Michael
Calum Scott covers George Michael. Picture: Getty

By Tom Eames

Calum Scott has recorded a stunning version of a classic George Michael track in honour of the late singer.

'Where Are You Now' singer Calum Scott has released his piano cover of 'One More Try', six years on from George Michael's passing.

Calum explained why he wanted to record a cover in tribute to George, saying: “I wanted a challenge. His talent was undeniable. His writing and his attention to detail, his performances—his vocal is unmatched in terms of tone and quality and consistency.

"He could perform and write and produce—he was a one-stop shop. People I’ve spoken to in the industry that have either worked with him or around him have said how humble or gracious he was, how human he was.

"He was always putting himself down and thinking he could do better—and that’s something that I massively relate to as an artist.

"Listening to his music just shows how much he cared about what he did. What makes him even more special is all the charity work he did that he kept completely hidden. He was such a special person and should be celebrated every day.”

Listen to the cover below:

One More Try

Calum Scott released his second album Bridges earlier this year, following the success of his single 'Where Are You Now' with Lost Frequencies.