Tony Hadley: New album, height, wife, why he left Spandau Ballet and more

8 June 2018, 17:09 | Updated: 25 June 2018, 15:10

Tony Hadley

Tony Hadley has one of the most recognisable voices of the 1980s, thanks to his time as Spandau Ballet frontman.

The 'True' singer is back with a brand new solo album, and here's all the big info you need to know:

1. Why did Tony Hadley leave Spandau Ballet?

Spandau Ballet

In July 2017, Tony Hadley released a brief statement saying he was no longer part of Spandau Ballet, but didn't elaborate on exactly why.

Spandau Ballet later admitted that, although Tony's departure was "frustrating", they are treating it as a "new chapter" for them.

They famously split in 1990 due to a row over royalties, but eventually reunited in 2009 for a huge reunion tour and new album.

2. Who has replaced Tony Hadley in Spandau Ballet?

New Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet announced in June 2018 that singer Ross William Wild will be replacing Tony Hadley as the band's lead singer.

Wild was introduced to the group after starring as Elvis Presley alongside bassist Martin Kemp in The Million Dollar Quartet on stage in 2016. 

The new singer was unveiled a special one-off gig in London.

Tony later gave his blessing on Twitter:

3. When is Tony Hadley's new album released?

Tony Hadley - Talking to the Moon

Tony Hadley released his fifth solo album Talking to the Moon on June 8, 2018.

Talking To The Moon features the "deeply personal" track 'What Am I?', which is about his decision to quit last July.

Speaking about the song, he said: “This is a really heartfelt lyric about being true to yourself. 

"Be the person you want to be and follow your own dreams. Do it with dignity and hold your head up high.”

The new album sees Tony team up fellow '80s stars Peter Cox and Richard Drummie of Go West, as well as Toby Gad, the man behind John Legend’s ‘All Of Me’ and Beyonce’s ‘If I Was A Boy’.

4. How tall is Tony Hadley?

Tony Hadley is around 6ft 3in (190.5cm).

5. What is Tony Hadley's net worth?

Tony Hadley is thought to be worth around £8 million.

6. Who is Tony Hadley's wife?

Tony Hadley and wife Alison Evers

Tony Hadley divorced his first wife Leonie Lawson in 2003 after 20 years of marriage.

He married his second wife Alison Evers in July 2009.

7. How many children does Tony Hadley have?

Tony Hadley is the father of five children: Thomas, Toni and Mackenzie with his first wife, Leonie, and Zara (born December 2006) and Genevieve (born February 2012) with second wife Alison.

8. How old is Tony Hadley?

Tony Hadley was born on June 2, 1960. 

He celebrated his 58th birthday in 2018.