6 celebrities you never knew had their own perfume range

1 February 2019, 12:49 | Updated: 1 February 2019, 12:57

Westlife and Michael Bolton proudly display their colognes
Westlife and Michael Bolton proudly display their colognes. Picture: PA/Instagram/Michael Bolton

By Tom Eames

Do you ever wish you could smell like your favourite celebrity?

The biggest names in showbusiness have had a go at launching their own line of perfume, from Elizabeth Taylor to Beyoncé.

While some stand the test of time and sell by the bucketload, there are some that make you stop and think 'who came up with that idea?'.

Here are some of our favourite baffling celebrity fragrances from yesteryear:

  1. Michael Bolton

    It's been nearly 30 years since the Bolton released his album Time, Love and Tenderness, so what better time to release a fragrance named after it?

    Michael Bolton has just unveiled his new perfume range for women, and if there's one 65 year old man who knows what women want, it's him.

  2. Westlife

    Westlife perfume
    Picture: PA

    Much like with Kiss before them, it's an odd practice to release a perfume based around a band. Does it smell like all of them put together? Or is it the 'essence' of what Westlife is all about.

    They released two perfumes, X in 2009 and their 'farewell fragrance' named 'With Love' a year later. Will they release a third now that they're back together?

  3. Bruce Willis

    Bruce Willis fragrance
    Bruce Willis fragrance. Picture: LR

    Now if there's one 63-year-old man we'd like to smell like, it would be Bruce Willis.

    Yep, Bruce went there with his range specifically for 'smart guys', and the advert alone is glorious.

  4. Kiss

    Kiss perfume
    Picture: Getty/Kiss

    When you think of heavy rock legends Kiss, the first thought probably isn't how good they must smell, especially after a night of sweaty headbanging.

    But Kiss did release their own cologne named simply 'Her'.

  5. Carlos Santana

    Carlos Santana perfume
    Carlos Santana perfume. Picture: Carlos Santana

    Fancy smelling like guitar legend Carlos Satana? You're in luck.

    Carlos instructs you to 'arouse your senses' with his special blend of cinnamon, leather, and cypress in 2005.

  6. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump perfume
    Donald Trump perfume. Picture: Donald Trump

    Of course Donald Trump released his own fragrance.

    His current range, 'Success By Trump', apparently "captures the spirit of the driven man. The scent is an inspiring blend of fresh juniper and iced red currant, brushed with hints of coriander. As it evolves, the mix of frozen ginger, fresh bamboo leaves and geranium emerge taking center stage, while a masculine combination of rich vetiver, tonka bean, birchwood and musk create a powerful presence throughout wear."