5 amazing gifts to buy for music-lovers in the age of social distancing and lockdown

9 June 2020, 12:32

In this current period of lockdown and social distancing, telling someone how much they mean to us is a bit trickier than usual.

But there are still plenty of fantastic gifts you can send to your loved ones, even if you can't actually see each other!

We've put together a list of brilliant presents that your music-loving pal or partner will love:

  1. Mixtape USB

    Picture: Getty

    In this digital age, you can never have too much storage – so why don't you swap the standard stick with this snazzy mixtape USB.

    Not only is it completely functional, but it also provides that sweet moment of nostalgia every time you use it.

    And why not set up a time for a virtual video chat with a glass of wine or a hot brew while you listen to it together?

  2. Vinyl record subscriptions

    Vinyl records
    Vinyl records. Picture: Getty

    Why not sign your friend up to a vinyl record subscription service?

    There are several companies that actually deliver vinyl records to your door each month, as if it was a magazine or a food shop!

    Some are random choices based on various genres, where others are more bespoke according to your personal taste. Give it a search online and you'll find plenty of great options.

  3. Music vouchers

    Has your friend never got round to signing up to a streaming service?

    Perhaps you could sign them up for a year's subscription so they can listen to their favourite music whenever they like?

    There's also online shop vouchers so they can buy whatever they fancy. The classics are always the best!

  4. Make your own mini virtual music festival

    Picnic hamper
    Picture: Getty

    You can send your loved one a brilliant hamper full of tasty treats from various companies online.

    There are baskets that come packed with food and drink, including cider and ale, chocolate and crackers, and other nibbles.

    Once they've received it, you could then set up your own festival from your separate living rooms and gardens while listening to the same live album or streaming the same classic gig on YouTube.

  5. Music lessons

    Learn guitar
    Picture: Getty

    Does your friend love music but would love to learn a new skill?

    You can sign your pal up to a training course online - which may sound a bit like school at first glance - but it can also be a life-changing experience and a way of learning something new during these odd times.

    You can learn the piano, the guitar, and even get singing lessons!

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