The 5 stages everyone goes through when connecting to WiFi

12 February 2019, 16:23

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In search of a good internet connection? These are the sure-fire feelings you'll get along the way!

We all know how important a good internet connection is – it lets us share those special moments and brings us closer to all the things we love.

Here are the emotions we feel when having to connect (and don't worry, there's a happy outcome!):

1. Anticipation


We all know the feeling - you've got that perfect Instagram of your brunch, or you have a spare half hour catch up on that series – you've just got to find a good WiFi connection.

2. Fear


Fear, because we've all be here in the past - the WiFi signal that's slow, unreliable or just randomly cuts out.

Sometimes it feels we'll never be connected to the internet again. What a scary thought! How did we function before it, eh?

3. Sadness


The thought of unreliable wifi = Sad face. No uploads, no video calls, no streaming.

But you connect on your phone anyway, may as well give it a try...

4. Realisation


*BING*, and you've got full bars on the WiFi icon.

All that fear and sadness melts away instantly in the glow of that amazing connection. You can now video call, stream and upload to your heart's desire!

5. Happiness


From our number one TV shows, to our favourite recipes.

We all love sharing the things we love, keeping in touch, and watching our favourite series. Good WiFi brings joy!

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