Brett Young reveals his hopes for a Tim McGraw team-up in the future

22 November 2022, 12:23

Brett Young interview: I want to duet with Tim McGraw!

By Tom Eames

Brett Young has had a brilliant couple of years, and the country star has been bringing his music to the UK in recent weeks.

Brett released his third album Weekends Look a Little Different These Days last year - featuring the stunning ballad 'You Didn't' among others - and he's now working on a follow-up.

The California-born singer-songwriter caught up with Smooth Country's Eamonn Kelly about what he's up to at the moment, and he revealed that he would love to collaborate with the man that made him want to make country music in the first place: Tim McGraw.

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"There were three kinds of wish list items for me," Brett said. "And I’ve gotten to check two of them. One of them was Gavin DeGraw – his interesting style of songwriting made me want to write songs, and I got to write and record a song called 'The Chapters' with him off my second record.

"And the other one was my first concert I ever went to. My favourite singing group of all time – Boyz II Men. I got to do a couple of different CMT crossroads with them.

"So the only one that’s really left for me is the artist that got me into country music, which was Tim McGraw and 'Don’t Take the Girl'. If there was ever a Tim McGraw opportunity, I would be chomping at the bit for that."

Brett Young would love to duet with Tim McGraw
Brett Young would love to duet with Tim McGraw. Picture: Getty

Teasing his next album, he said: "But in terms of this record right now, there’s nothing planned in terms of a collaboration. I do have some other things that will be one-offs with other genre artists that we’re working on right now.

"I don’t know if any of them will see the light of day at this point, but there are some things in the work. But in terms of my record, I’m just waiting on Tim. So if he’s listening right now, give me a call, brother."

He added: "And so we knew that that was half of a project. And so we spent the last six months picking from hundreds of songs that I’ve written, to pick the right batch that feel like they follow up Weekends.

Brett Young - You Didn't (Official Music Video)

"We really want to speak to the stage that I’m at in my life, without only singing about my children, because it’d be like a lullaby record, and we don’t need to do that to everybody.

"We got into the studio over the summer, and we just actually finished mixing eight more songs that, as soon as the current single 'You Didn’t' peaks at radio, we’ll be putting out eight more. So my guess is: first quarter of next year."