Dustin Lynch interview: Country star reveals he set up two recording studios on his tour bus

20 October 2020, 06:00 | Updated: 7 January 2021, 16:43

Dustin Lynch interview!

By Rory O'Connor

It's Country Music Week! Smooth Country's Eamonn Kelly catches up with some of the biggest country stars to see what exciting plans they have coming up after a challenging 2020.

Dustin Lynch has revealed he set up two recording studios on the road while touring during an exclusive interview with Smooth Country.

The 35-year-old American country music singer told the station how the "energy" of songwriting while on tour is so great that he ordered an extra bus just for creating new songs.

Watch the full interview above.

The 'Ridin' Roads' singer told Smooth Country's Eamonn: "I always enjoyed creating on the road.

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"I specifically had an extra bus with me on tour because I wanted a creative space for my songwriters that would come out. Guys and girls would come out and feel comfortable.

"We'd set up studio, you know, even sometimes two studios on one bus and really be productive on the road.

Dustin Lynch reveals he set up two recording studios on his tour bus
Dustin Lynch reveals he set up two recording studios on his tour bus. Picture: Getty • Smooth Country

"There's some sort of... there's an energy out there on the road that I think is important for my collaborators to witness and come be a part of. So I love creating on the road."

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While 'Small Town Boy' star Dustin enjoys collaborative songwriting, the singer revealed it has been tougher while quarantined at home this year.

Dustin Lynch - Ridin' Roads (Official Music Video)

The subject matter of his songs have also changed, with lyrics now about living at home with his girlfriend and other topical matters.

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Dustin continued to Smooth Country: "But this has changed - this break from touring where I'm living at home with my girlfriend - so lyrically and subject matter-wise, my songs have change a little bit, because... finding out if you're compatible with someone.

"In a way, we're always bouncing around with out careers, we're always travelling for different things.

"So it's allowed us to be together for a long period of time. That's affected my book of ideas and my lyrics."

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Dustin went on to reveal he had just pitched a collaboration with a major artist which is still under wraps, and that a friend of his has just recorded the first song Dustin wrote during quarantine.