Luke Combs emotionally offers refunds at show due to vocal issues and gives fans money from his own wallet

7 September 2022, 12:26 | Updated: 8 November 2023, 18:16

Luke Combs offers refunds at a show
Luke Combs offers refunds at a show. Picture: TikTok/Katoo_Gilly

By Tom Eames

Luke Combs is known for treating his fans well, and he went above and beyond last weekend.

The country singer had an eventful couple of shows while performing in Bangor, Maine, in the States.

On Friday night (September 2), at one stage of the show he gave two young fans money from his own wallet when he learned how much they had spent on their tickets to see him.

In the middle of his set, which was the start of his Middle of Somewhere TourLuke Combs noticed two young boys holding up a sign in the front row.

News Center Maine reports that the boys were Tanner Hale and Bo Fenderson, the latter of whom was celebrating his 12th birthday.

The two boys had updated the lyrics of Combs' song, 'When It Rains It Pours,' to tell their story of how they got to see him that night.

"'We made $100 stacking five cords of wood / Bought two Luke Combs tickets, man he sounds good,'" the sign read.

Luke read the words out loud to the crowd, adding "I appreciate ya".

"Our dads swore it was a waste of time, but they were wrong / Today's my 12th birthday, oh Lord, when it rains it pours," the rest of the sign read.

After Combs finished reading it, with huge applause from the crowd, he stopped the show and sat down on the stage to talk to the two kids.

"How much were your tickets? $100? $200? Y'all paid $200, a hundred dollars apiece," Luke said, and reached for his wallet. "Oh my God, I only got $140 right here. Y'all want that, pay yourselves back. I'll get you some more."

Luke Combs in 2022
Luke Combs in 2022. Picture: Getty

The star also signed some items for the two boys, and invited them backstage for some photos after the show.

"For him to take time to acknowledge and truthfully reinforce something we try to instill in our children, that hard work pays off, is truly amazing," said Tanner's mother Justine.

The following night at the same venue, Luke played a free gig after damaging his voice, and refunded all tickets to the show.

Ahead of the show on September 3rd, he realised his voice was going. Instead of cancelling altogether, he offered refunds and went ahead with the gig anyway.

“I have to let you know that I have refunded all of your tickets,” Luke said. “At about 7pm today – a few hours ago – I realised that I was not going to be able to sing as good as I normally do.”

Luke explained that his voice was not good enough for paying fans: "We’re still gonna play the show… so we’re going to put on the best free show we could put on, and I want you guys to know how upset I am to have to tell you that tonight.

"But all I want you to know is that we’re going to do the very damn best. I’m gonna give you everything that I have. And I am so sorry,” he said, while wiping away a tear.