Ryan Gosling is a massive Chris Stapleton fanboy in hilarious SNL sketch

15 April 2024, 11:13

Ryan Gosling and Chris Stapleton on SNL
Ryan Gosling and Chris Stapleton on SNL. Picture: NBC/YouTube

By Tom Eames

This past weekend, the iconic Saturday Night Live stage was graced by the talented Ryan Gosling as the host, accompanied by the soulful country singer Chris Stapleton as the musical guest.

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In a hilarious promo clip released ahead of the show, Ryan Gosling is seen pacing nervously outside Chris Stapleton’s dressing room.

His mission? To secure an autograph from the legendary 'Tennessee Whiskey' crooner. But as it turns out, Gosling’s path to fanboy glory is paved with awkwardness.

Gosling clears his throat and steps up to the door. “Mr. Stapleton,” he begins, “big fan. Love your music.” But he quickly dismisses this as “stupid.” Clearly, the nerves are getting to him.

Ryan Gosling is a Big Chris Stapleton Fan - SNL

“Yo, Chris,” Gosling tries again, “one for the 'gram?” He’s going for a more casual vibe, but it still feels forced.

Finally, Gosling settles on a grandiose approach. “Master Stapleton,” he declares, “'tis I, Sir Gosling.” He deems this choice “cool.” We’re not so sure.

Undeterred by his failed attempts, Gosling enters the dimly lit dressing room. To his surprise, Stapleton is nowhere to be found. But there, on the vanity, sits the unmistakable silhouette of Stapleton’s iconic cowboy hat. It’s as if the hat itself holds the essence of the singer.

As an instrumental version of Stapleton’s haunting ballad 'White Horse' fills the room, Gosling hesitates. Should he touch the hat? Is it sacrilege? But curiosity gets the better of him, and he gingerly lifts the hat from its perch.

Chris Stapleton: White Horse (Live) - SNL

In that moment, Gosling becomes a character straight out of a film noir. The camera captures his smouldering gaze as he dons the hat. Is he channelling Stapleton’s spirit? Or merely indulging in a whimsical fantasy? Either way, it’s a scene that will live on in SNL lore.

And just like that, the screen fades to black, leaving us wondering about the fate of the hat and the mysterious Stapleton.

Of course, the show wasn’t all backstage antics. Gosling and Stapleton also teamed up for a side-splitting sketch titled ‘Get That Boy Back’, where they hilariously navigated the perils of modern dating.

Get That Boy Back ft. Chris Stapleton - SNL

And when Stapleton took the stage to perform his hit ‘White Horse’, the audience was treated to raw emotion and soul-stirring vocals.

In the end, Ryan Gosling’s fanboy escapade and Chris Stapleton’s musical magic made for an unforgettable SNL episode. As for the fate of the cowboy hat? Well, we’ll leave that to the imagination.