Watch a couple have a massive argument during a live Channel 4 news broadcast

10 January 2018, 12:04

Well, this is kinda awkward...

Channel 4 columnist Andrew Pierce was speaking to presenter Cathy Newman about the ongoing Daily Mail/Virgin Trains dispute, when his report was interrupted by something in the background.

A furious couple's expletive-filled argument was broadcast live to the nation, after their tiff occurred in the background of the live segment.

Watch the video in full above.

Couple fight on Channel 4

While Pierce spoke to the studio, several car horns and faint yelling could be heard off camera.

Then, a man started shouting something about "my sister" as a woman yelled back at him.

The couple then walked straight into shot, not knowing they were on TV. Both screamed at each other, before Pierce said: "I'm terribly sorry about the distraction behind - can't really help that one."

You've got to love live TV!