Dancing on Ice: Saara Aalto reveals how she'll top her 'Let It Go' performance

25 January 2019, 15:39

By Sofia Rizzi

Saara Alto made history on last week's Dancing on Ice, when she sang and skated Frozen's 'Let It Go'. Now, the queen of the ice tells us how she'll top that performance.

Saara Aalto is currently wowing the judges on Dancing on Ice, and she told Smooth exactly how she's planning to top her show-stopping performance form last week.

Her performance of 'Let It Go' from Frozen gained her a total score of 26 from the judges, but she also broke a Dancing on Ice record – singing and skating at the same time.

(Fun fact: Saara was also the voice of Elsa in the Finnish version of Frozen!)

She told Smooth about her performance last week: "Everybody loved it and now I have this pressure, I have to do something that is even better, but what could I do?"

Saara revealed her plans for this week's skate, saying: "We are trying to build a show that is a bit different emotionally, so the connection between me and Hamish is going to be a bit romantic. It's something that we haven't really showed yet."

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She also told us the plans for her upcoming UK & European tour, 'An Evening with Saara Aalto':

"It's going to be this beautiful, intimate evening together" she said,

"Imagine Idina Menzel slash Lady Gaga with her piano, Liza Minnelli even – a kind of pop-cabaret show, that's really who I am."

Her new music video for single 'Dance Like Nobody's Watching' is set for release next week.