Pierce Brosnan pleads not guilty to dangerous off-trail hiking in Yellowstone

18 January 2024, 09:37

Pierce Brosnan and Keely arrive at Goldeneye premiere in 1995

By Mayer Nissim

The former 007 actor is alleged to have strayed off the designated walkway.

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Pierce Brosnan has pleaded not guilty to two charges of illegally entering Yellowstone National Park's dangerous "thermal area".

The James Bond actor was due to have appeared in court on January 23 for the alleged incident that took place on November 1, BBC News reports, but instead has been granted a virtual hearing on February 20.

The plea was entered on paper by his lawyer Karl Knuchel, Cowboy State Daily confirms, after Brosnan was first cited with the alleged offences on December 26.

The two charges faced by Brosnan are for walking into a restricted thermal area, and entering the Mammoth Terraces area near Yellowstone's northern boundary.

Moving off designated walkways is a violation of federal rules and can be punished by fines of up to $5,000 (£4,000) and even six months imprisonment.

Pierce Brosnan in Miami in December 2023
Pierce Brosnan in Miami in December 2023. Picture: Getty Images

The geothermal areas of the park feature natural acidic hot springs, which can reach near-boiling temperatures.

As well as the hot geysers, springs and mud pots being dangerous – with some tourists even dying from burns caused by these features over the years – they are also environmentally delicate.

Pierce had been in the region to film The Unholy Trinity, an upcoming Western directed by Richard Gray and also starring Samuel L Jackson and Brandon Lessard.