The Chase contestant bizarrely repeats Chaser's wrong answer, despite teammate's advice

14 February 2019, 14:20

By Tom Eames


One contestant on The Chase had a bad day at the office yesterday (February 13).

Richard missed a golden opportunity to push Jenny 'The Vixen' Ryan back a place on the final Chase, as he decided to repeat her incorrect answer instead of listening to his teammate Fiona, who actually had the correct answer.

"What confectionery company makes Revels?" host Bradley Walsh asked.

The Vixen incorrectly guessed Cadbury, and so the question was then offered to Richard and Fiona.

"Mars?" Fiona suggested. "Cadbury?" Richard said.

"She said Cadbury," Fiona replied. "Try Mars."

"Cadbury," Paul said to Bradley.

The Chase
Picture: ITV

Oh dear, Dickie.

Bradley then revealed that Mars was the correct answer. "Exactly what Fiona said," he pointed out.

Richard turned to Fiona and said: "Yes, you did. Well done."

Sadly, Richard and Fiona, with £11,000 in the prize pot, were caught by Jenny with 22 seconds left.

Last week, contestant Judith had an amazing game against the Vixen, winning a record-breaking £70,000 after beating the Chaser all on her own.