Bono facts: U2 singer's age, wife, children, real name and career revealed

31 January 2024, 16:37

Bono in 2014
Bono in 2014. Picture: Getty

By Tom Owen

Bono is one of the most influential and successful musicians of the modern era.

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He is best known as the lead singer and lyricist of the Irish rock band U2, which has sold over 150 million albums worldwide and won 22 Grammy Awards.

Bono is also a prominent activist for various causes, especially fighting poverty and AIDS in Africa. He has co-founded several organizations, such as ONE Campaign and Product Red, and has met with world leaders to advocate for change.

Bono’s life and career have been shaped by his passion for music, his Christian faith, and his desire to make a difference in the world.

  1. How old is Bono and where was he born?

    A young Bono
    A young Bono. Picture: Getty

    Bono is 63 years old as of 2023. He was born on May 10, 1960 in Dublin, Ireland.

    Bono’s parents were Brendan Robert Hewson and Iris Rankin. His father was a Roman Catholic and his mother was a Protestant.

    He has one older brother named Norman Hewson, who is a restaurateur.

    Bono lost his mother when he was 14 years old, which had a profound impact on his life and music

  2. What is Bono's real name?

    Bono’s real name is Paul David Hewson.

    He got his stage name from a hearing-aid store called Bona Vox, which means ‘good voice’ in Latin.

  3. Why does he always wear sunglasses?

    Bono in 2018
    Bono in 2018. Picture: Getty

    Bono always wears sunglasses because he has a condition called glaucoma, which makes his eyes very sensitive to light.

    Glaucoma is a common eye condition that can damage the optic nerve and cause vision loss if not treated. Sunglasses can help reduce the discomfort and slow down the symptoms of glaucoma by blocking out excess light.

    Bono has been living with glaucoma for over 20 years, but he says it is not a serious issue for him. He also admits that his sunglasses are partly for vanity, privacy, and fashion reasons.

    Bono’s sunglasses have become a trademark of his style and persona, and he has experimented with various brands and models over the years.

  4. How did he get his start in music and when did he form U2?

    U2 - With Or Without You (Official Music Video)

    Bono got his start in music when he formed a band called Feedback with his friends, who were also his schoolmates at Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin.

    The band later evolved into U2, inspired by a reconnaissance aircraft, symbolizing the group’s desire to soar to new heights.

    They quickly gained local recognition in Dublin and released their debut album, Boy, in 1980, featuring hits like 'I Will Follow'.

    U2 became one of the most popular and influential rock bands of the modern era, with Bono as the lead singer and primary lyricist.

  5. Who is Bono's wife?

    Bono is married to wife Ali Hewson, whom he met when they were both teenagers at school in Dublin.

    They have been married for 40 years as of 2023, and have four children together.

    Bono has described his wife as his “best friend” and "the love of his life". He has also credited her for supporting him throughout his musical career and his humanitarian work.

    Bono and Ali have one of the longest and most stable marriages in the entertainment industry.

    Ali Hewson has a degree in social science, politics and sociology from University College Dublin and has been involved in various causes, such as anti-nuclear activism, Chernobyl relief, fair trade, and skincare. She is also the co-founder of two ethical businesses, EDUN and Nude.

    She has inspired several U2 songs, such as 'Sweetest Thing' and 'New Year’s Day'.

  6. Who are Bono's children?

    Bono's son Elijah Hewson
    Bono's son Elijah Hewson. Picture: Getty
    Jordan Hewson
    Jordan Hewson. Picture: Getty

    Bono and Ali Hewson have four children: two daughters and two sons. Their names and birth dates are as follows:

    • Jordan Hewson (born May 10, 1989) is the founder and CEO of Speakable, a tech company that promotes social activism.
    • Eve Hewson (born July 7, 1991) is an actress who has appeared in films and TV shows such as The Knick, Bridge of Spies, Behind Her Eyes, and The Luminaries.
    • Elijah Hewson (born August 17, 1999) is a musician and the lead singer of the indie rock band Inhaler.
    • John Hewson (born May 21, 2001) is the youngest child of Bono and Ali. He is also interested in music and plays guitar.
    Bono's daughter Eve Hewson in 2023
    Bono's daughter Eve Hewson in 2023. Picture: Getty