James Morrison facts: Singer's age, wife, children and songs revealed

8 January 2024, 10:48

James Morrison
James Morrison. Picture: Getty

James Morrison was one of the most successful singer-songwriters of the 2000s.

But how old is the talented singer and where is he from? Here's all the important facts every fan should know:

  1. How old is James Morrison and where is he from?

    James Morrison is from Rugby, Warwickshire.

    Born James Morrison Catchpole on August 13, 1984 the singer moved to Cornwall as a teenager and started performing on the streets of Newquay and Truro. He celebrated his 39th birthday in 2023.

    After James took GCSE music the up-and-coming star graduated to writing his own songs.

    James' distinctive voice was caused by a life-threatening case of whopping cough he suffered from as a child where he was given only a 30% chance of survival.

    While playing open mic nights at an Irish bar in Derby, James met Kev Andrews - a producer who had worked with Simply Red - who produced his first record.

  2. What are James Morrison's most famous songs?

    James grew up listening to Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, Al Green and Van Morrison and attributes his sound to these influences.

    When he was 21-years-old, his debut single 'You Give Me Something' reached No. 5 in the UK charts in July 2006 and his debut album Undiscovered sold over 1 million copies across the world, making James the UK's best-selling male solo artist that year.

    James's second album Songs For You, Truths For Me featured the top ten singles 'You Make It Real' and his critically acclaimed collaboration with Nelly Furtado 'Broken Strings'.

    In 2007 James won a BRIT Award for best British male and in 2008 collaborated with Jason Mraz on the song 'Details in the Fabric' from the latter's smash hit album We Dance, We Sing, We Steal Things.

    James Morrison - Broken Strings ft. Nelly Furtado

    James has worked as a songwriter for Kelly Clarkson and Demi Lovato and has released five albums.

    His 2019 album You're Stronger Than You Know - his first album in four years - was released on March 8.

    New tracks from the album include 'Power', co-written with Adele and Florence Welch writer Francis Anthony "Eg" White, and 'So Beautiful' that he wrote with Gary Barlow.

  3. Who is James Morrison's wife?

    James Morrison's wife was Gill Catchpole.

    The couple lived in a large house in the Gloucestershire countryside, with James once telling the Daily Mail: "It’s a sort of 1900 country gentleman’s residence, which is hilarious because I was always an urban kid.

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    "But there are still times when I wake up wondering, “When is the landlord going to come round and kick me out?”

    His 2019 album You're Stronger Than You Know is dedicated to his wife and her strength.

    Tragically, Gill died in 2023, aged 45.

  4. How many children does James Morrison have?

    James and Gill had two children together.

    Elsie was born in 2008, while Ava was born in 2018.

    Gill had a difficult pregnancy with her second child and delivered Ava Rose when she was 16 weeks premature.

    James told The Sun: “Thankfully I can look back and everything is sweet and rosy now. Ada-Rose has just turned one and is a normal, happy baby and Elsie, who’s now ten, is a great big sister.

    “But when Gill’s waters broke and she was born so early and tiny, we didn’t know what was going to happen. That is probably the lowest I’ve ever been.

    "That’s why now, looking back, I called the album You’re Stronger Than You Know, as Gill was amazing," he added.

    “It was really scary and she was in the hospital for three months. It was tough, but I feel like it’s nothing that we can’t handle.

    "The album title is for Gill as she’s been through so much as a woman and a mum knowing we could lose the baby at any point."