Adele shares the blooper reel from 'Easy On Me' video shoot: watch here

5 November 2021, 15:40

"It&squot;s all smoke and mirrors!"
"It's all smoke and mirrors!". Picture: Adele/YouTube/Instagram

By Thomas Curtis-Horsfall

"It's all smoke and mirrors!" Adele says as she shares the blooper reel from the video shoot for her comeback single.

Adele's comeback single 'Easy On Me' was revealed last month, the lead song from her impending album 30 which was inspired by the fallout from divorcing her ex-husband.

Her first new album since 2015's 25, 'Easy On Me' sets the mood for Adele's emotional return, complete with dramatic black-and-white visuals.

The North London singer has dispelled the mystique somewhat however, sharing the blooper reel from the video shoot with the caption: "It's all smoke and mirrors!"

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You can watch the bloopers from 'Easy On Me' below:

The video starts with Adele chuckling away whilst gazing into the rearview mirror, before botching her attempt to put a cassette into the car’s stereo. She then scoffs as the director tells her to “do it again" which she does on several occasions.

In a later scene, she complains about "this f**king coat!" in her typically unfiltered fashion, before saying "I don't know how long to close my eyes for 'cause I'm driving, obviously..." whilst behind the wheel towards the end of the reel.

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Despite all the drama her music conveys, Adele always manages to bring things back to reality with her grounded sense of humour that she's adored for as much as her incredible voice.

And her fans love it, with one person commenting on her post: "THANK YOU, NEEDED THIS TODAY."

Adele - Easy On Me (Official Video)

'Easy On Me' has already broken records, beating Ariana Grande's 2019 record for the largest number of streams in one day reaching 24 million in 24 hours.

The first shows she's announced in five years at British Summer Time in Hyde Park next year also managed to break the website due to the sheer demand.

30 is set for release on 19th November, and we can't see the record-breaking stopping there. Let's wait and see.

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