George Michael gets a stunning coin from the Royal Mint to celebrate his remarkable life and career

26 February 2024, 12:28

George Michael - Portrait Of An Artist documentary trailer

By Mayer Nissim

George Michael joins a very select group of artists.

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George Michael racked up countless awards and honours during his far-too-short life, and ever since his tragic death in 2016, the accolades and recognition have continued.

And how the late pop superstar has joined a very short list of British musicians who have been celebrated by the Royal Mint with a commemorative coin.

Previous artists similarly recognised have included the likes of David Bowie, Elton John, The Rolling Stones, Shirley Bassey and Queen.

"George Michael went from a teen heartthrob as part of the pop group WHAM! to one of the bestselling solo musicians of all time, selling more than 125 million records," said the Royal Mint in launching the range.

Inspired by George Michael’s iconic music video for 'Faith', the coin is available in a range of editions that includes a colour-printed Brilliant Uncirculated edition.

George Michael in concert
George Michael in concert. Picture: Getty Images

"When I heard that my design had been chosen to appear on the George Michael coin, I was overcome with emotion," said Sandra Deiana. "It was a combination of joy, pride and gratitude.

"I had been following the series of coins dedicated to British musicians for a long time and having the opportunity to help commemorate such an extraordinary figure in the history of music was a dream come true."

She added: "From the beginning of the project, I was clear about certain elements that I wanted to incorporate into the design.

George Michael commemorative coins by the Royal Mint
George Michael commemorative coins by the Royal Mint. Picture: The Royal Mint

"I wanted a detailed portrait that captured his charismatic expression – I was particularly thinking of his iconic sunglasses.

"It's amazing to be able to pay tribute to his music and what you see in the design is truly a piece of George Michael's song."

George Michael Entertainment said: "On behalf of George Michael, we are deeply honoured that the Royal Mint is paying tribute to him by creating a series of beautifully crafted coins.

George Michael - Faith (Official Video)

"He would have been enormously proud and genuinely touched that a national institution should have decided to pay tribute to his memory in this way."

There are a number of coins available in the range, including limited-edition precious metal proof finishes, Brilliant Uncirculated and colour versions.

The George Michael 2024 UK £5 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin is priced at £15.50, with options going all the way up to the George Michael 2024 UK 1oz Gold Proof Coin in a limited edition of 150, priced at £2,770.00.