Watch Mariah Carey pay tribute to George Michael with beautiful version of 'One More Try'

4 May 2022, 09:32 | Updated: 4 May 2022, 09:35

George Michael was so proud when he found out that Mariah Carey had covered 'One More Try'.
George Michael was so proud when he found out that Mariah Carey had covered 'One More Try'. Picture: Katch/REX/Shutterstock

By Thomas Curtis-Horsfall

It's been over five years since he left us.

But the shockwaves of George Michael's sudden death on Christmas Day in 2016 are still being felt.

Fans around the world couldn't believe it when the news was announced, and the music industry similarly mourned for one of the greatest pop icons to grace our lives.

One pop star, in particular, that was deeply affected by George's passing, was Mariah Carey.

She revealed in 2018 that his death took its toll on her, having lost one of her biggest inspirations and greatest friends.

So she paid tribute in the most magnificent way possible - by performing a heartfelt rendition of one of his most beloved songs.

George and Mariah at Live 8 together in 2005.
George and Mariah at Live 8 together in 2005. Picture: Getty

Mariah in fact covered 'One More Try' on her 2014 album Me. I Am Mariah... The Elusive Chanteuse, before George sadly passed.

At the time George was elated, Tweeting that it was "Such an honour 2 have one of the best voices in the world singing my song".

Evidently gobsmacked that he was more than pleased with her take on his classic song, Mariah replied saying "I'm so honoured u like my rendition of "One More Try." You & this song have always meant so much to me. Fan&friend for life."

But only a short two years later, her cover version took on an entirely new meaning.

The day after the news of his death was announced, Mariah stated how devastated she was with his loss saying that "George was only 53 at the time of his passing. He left us way too soon."

"He was a genius that gave us classics like ‘Faith' as well as boundary-pushing singles ‘I Want Your Sex' and ‘Father Figure.' He also gave us the FIRST modern Christmas classic with ‘Last Christmas.'"

Mariah also wanted to applaud George's actions away from the stage. For several years, George was an active ambassador for the LGBTQ community and pushed for "greater understanding, acceptance and love for all people."

George embodied what it meant to love others, and Mariah proved her love for George with her spine-tingling live version of 'One More Try' she sang in tribute to the great pop music icon at the Dubai Jazz Festival.

Mariah Carey - One More Try

Carey introduced her version by saying the song is in "honour of someone I really admire" and called it "one of the greatest records."

Encouraging the crowd to shine their lights for the tear-jerking ballad, she powered through her pain in a beautifully raw rendition.

She truly took it back to her golden years, proving that her incredible five-octave voice is still operating at its peak.

You could feel the emotion emanating from Mariah herself as well as the crowd, but she still effortlessly produced a pitch-perfect performance.

To make the tribute even better, one fan has mashed both versions of the song together to create a beautiful 'duet':

Mariah Carey & George Michael - One More Try (Duet Version - Fan Music Video)

It's safe to say that George would have been immensely proud of his dear friend's heartfelt tribute.

Mariah shared this picture of her and George having dinner together after he died.
Mariah shared this picture of her and George having dinner together after he died. Picture: Facebook/Mariah Carey
After he died, Mariah wrote: "George Michael was an original."
After he died, Mariah wrote: "George Michael was an original.". Picture: Katch/REX/Shutterstock

The song was incredibly personal to George, as it reflected his reluctance to open up and become vulnerable in new relationships.

He said after the song's release that it was "about my attitude coming out of my last relationship and into this new one when I was pretty unwilling to be open to anything."

There's a strange irony in so far that George was renowned for being an overtly kind and loving individual, but it didn't always convert to his romantic life.

Regardless, his artistry and generosity will always be remembered.

Not long after George's death, Mariah wrote that he "touched so many lives and inspired us all."

"George Michael was an original. He changed music and his music changed lives."

You can tell the man and his music meant so much to her, given her beautiful performance of 'One More Try'.