Michael Bublé gives lovely update on son Noah and doesn't rule out having more kids

8 December 2021, 11:54

Michael Bublé gives positive update on his son Noah

By Tom Eames

Michael Bublé has opened up about the "scanxiety" he and wife Luisana gets when they get health checkups on their son Noah, but that everything is positive with his family as they head into 2022.

Michael and Luisana's oldest son Noah was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016, leading to the singer cancelling his tour and all music plans during chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments. Noah has since fully recovered.

The singer opened up about his family to Kate Garraway in Smooth's Global Player exclusive special A Christmas Celebration, which can be heard in full here.

Michael told Kate: "He’s really good. It’s been almost five years. We still have the scans and the 'scanxiety'. You know what? I think he’s much better than we are.

"For him, you know, he’s this normal, little boy who knows that he’s a superhero, because Dad tells him all the time. But for Mom and I, even though we’re better, it’s definitely something that’s there."

Michael Bublé speaks about his family to Smooth Radio
Michael Bublé speaks about his family to Smooth Radio. Picture: Smooth/Global/Michael Bublé

Michael explained that he's got stronger as a result of his family's pain, saying: "You know what’s funny? I truly believe that when you’ve truly suffered, and when you’ve gone through adversity, it gives you an opportunity to live a deeper life.

"In a strange way, though I’m happy for people that haven’t had to suffer that kind of pain, or that kind of fear, I also worry, because I know that sometimes when you’ve lived a perfect life without any adversity and everything’s been— then the second something happens, people get very bitter.

"I’m grateful for having had the opportunity to live a deep life. I live a deep life. I love hard. And I know love is expensive. I know it has a big cost.

A Christmas Celebration with Michael Bublé and Kate Garraway

"But I wouldn’t have it another way. And it gives me the perspective I need to try to be a better man, to try to live a happier life, and to really take moments, and just to hold them. Because you know how lucky you are. Because you know what? Things are tough. We’ve got to be grateful."

Michael also teased that he might have a fourth child in the future, saying: "As a matter of fact, the other day, my wife actually said to me, 'Maybe we’ll have one more?' And I said, 'Well, babe, I don’t know.'

"She started to giggle. I said, 'Why are you laughing?' She said, 'Because I think it’s so cute that you think you have an option.'

Michael and Luisana
Michael and Luisana. Picture: Getty

"I have no idea. I’m just the piece that makes it work. I’m happy to do the homework, too. I’m still happy to do the work with whatever my wife wants. Of course, I look at my three beautiful kids, and how could I not want to have another little one? Oh my God."

In a Global Player-exclusive show, Smooth's Kate Garraway chats to Michael to speak about his music, Christmas, family life and his marriage, his son’s battle with cancer, moving house and lots more.

In a revealing and at times emotional interview, Michael and Kate both open up about how the past couple of years have been a challenge for them and their family, and how Christmas provides a much-needed positive boost that we all need.

During the chat, Michael also picks out some of his favourite songs by the likes of Take That and Phil Collins, and we hear some of his greatest Christmas tunes.

We also hear his brand new songs - 'Christmas Sweater' and 'Let It Snow' - which feature on the new edition of the album.